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How Serendipitous!

By Gina, Jun 30, 2010 5:48 PM

I was just contemplating the purchase of some "Phineas & Ferb" toys, when it suddenly occurred to me that is offering Free Shipping on your entire order when you apply the promo code FREESHIP (very clever, that.)  Now, I know what you're thinking.  You're asking, "But, Gina, aren't you too old to be playing with toys?"  To which I reply, "Why, yes.  Yes, I am."  However, in true "Phineas & Ferb" fashion, I'm not going to let that stop me.  (But I better hurry if I want to get in on that Free Shipping offer 'cause it ends Monday.)

Phineas & Ferb Surfin' Tidal Wave Figurine Play Set


Disney Fans Rock!

By Gina, Jun 29, 2010 1:54 PM

From today's Grand Opening Celebration of the all new Disney Store in Montebello, CA,  Jim Fielding, President of Disney Stores Worldwide, posted to his Twitter feed this photo of lucky folks who lined up to see the stars of Disney Channel's Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam! and the gang from Toy Story.  Oh, yeah, and they also got to be among the first to experience all the magic of the new store.  Fantastic! 

Disney Store Opening

The Grand Opening Celebration for the All New Disney Store is Tomorrow! Will You Be There?

By Gina, Jun 28, 2010 2:31 PM

All New Disney Store

For those of you in the area, the Grand Opening Celebration for the all new Disney Store is happening TOMORROW, June 29th at the Shops at Montebello Mall in Montebello, CA.  The 10:00 am celebration will feature stars from Disney Channel Original Movie Camp Rock 2 -- the Final Jam, a Meet & Greet with Buzz, Woody and Jessie from Toy Story, as well as music, prizes and giveaways!  But, the real star attraction is the all new Disney Store itself. This unique destination was developed from a child’s perspective and uses the latest technology to create a truly magical shopping experience inspired by Disney’s most popular characters and stories.  Magic mirrors, enchanted trees and more await you at the all new Disney Store!

The Toys of Summer

By Gina, Jun 23, 2010 10:31 AM

I just got word that my niece and nephew are flying out from Kansas for a visit -- just in time to take them to see "Toy Story 3."  Yay!  And no visit to Aunt Gina's house would be complete without presents.  No, it's nobody's birthday.  It's just that I love to spoil them watch their faces light up with joy.  And with all the new Toy Story toys available at Disney Store and, I have so much to choose from.  Here's what I'm thinking:

For my nephew, I'm going to go all out with Ultimate Programmable Buzz Lightyear. Ultimate Buzz He's going to be thrilled with his new robotic pal who has over 100 sayings in the original character's voice, along with a whole slew of features such as:

Voice command feature, where Buzz responds to the phrases ''Space Ranger,'' ''Fire Laser,'' ''Salute,'' ''Star Command,'' and ''To Infinity and Beyond!''

"'Space Ranger'' and ''Toy'' modes that allow Buzz to express 2 different catalogs of phrases. Say ''Space Ranger'' and Ultimate Buzz will report to you as a member of the Universe Protection Unit. Say ''You're a Toy'' twice and Ultimate Buzz will switch to his toy personality!

A programmable puppeteer feature that records the animated movements and poses you choose for animated feedback.

With the interactive target game, you can engage in an intergalactic battle with Ultimate Buzz using the infrared remote control. He knows if your shot is a hit or miss.

And those are just a few of the things this toy can do.

(Uh, oh.  The Ultimate Programmable Buzz Lightyear is starting to sound like so much fun, I don't know if I'm going to want to part with it.)

I think my niece will have lots-o fun with Toy Story Collection: Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear PlushLotsoThis Strawberry scented Lotso responds to the tone of your voice -- he even knows if you are talking loudly or softly.  And he loves it when you give him a hug!  Press his left paw for "Live Lotso" phrases or he can respond to your voice in talk back mode.  Press his right paw for "Lotso Toy" phrases.  Tickle  his left or right foot to hear him laugh.

I sure hope my niece and nephew are as elated about their visit as I am.  Well, they sure will be once they see these toys!

What Toy Story toys are you and the kids in your life most excited about?

The Little Known Product Line – BLOC28

By Alex, Jun 22, 2010 7:38 PM

The ubiquitous T-Shirt with Mickey in one of his favorite poses is staple in anyone’s wardrobe, especially if you are a fan of the beloved character…  I know as I have two of them… But what if you want something just a bit more special or unique?  Bloc28
That’s where BLOC28 steps in…  This little known product line started several years ago and is only available at a select number of high-end retail stores or online at  This product line is not what you would expect from Disney, its edgier.  The program or line is an art-based reinterpretation of Mickey giving him a very distinct style.  It’s more of “street” or “graffiti” style Mickey, which is what gives the line its uniqueness.
If you have not seen the art you are missing out, the art has a grittiness to it that is almost never seen in anything Disney. It’s a truly different way to look at Mickey.  What do you think?

Special Delivery

By Scott M,

One week after the birth of my daughter, a delivery man showed up at my door handing me a light blue box. It looked as though he was wearing Mickey Mouse gloves but as I looked closer, it was a “Special Delivery” box from decorated with Mickey Mouse hands and a bow on the outside. It was a Disney Gram! Disney Gram

When we opened the box, we found a Winnie the Pooh soft-stuffed Pooh bear in a pink pastel tee which said “It’s a girl” along with a matching keepsake personalized blanket which had “Lydia” and her birth date embroidered on it.  It was the perfect Disney baby gift.

We plan on proudly displaying the blanket in a shadow box in her nursery as part of a collection of her first gifts from loved ones. Receiving this gift has started a tradition that will be carried on for years to come as we have already sent Disney Grams to friends that have recently had new additions to their families.

What Disney traditions are a part of your family celebrations?

Canoe Dig It?

By Gina,

I'm starting to think that maybe I've lost my mind.  You see, a few weeks back, some colleagues of mine decided to form a team to compete in the 47th Annual Disneyland Resort Canoe Races and they asked me if I'd participate.  Eager to be part of this Disney Cast Member tradition, I instantly said yes without stopping to consider that, in a few weeks, I'll have to start setting my alarm for 4:30 am in order to get up, ready and down to Disneyland for the 6:15 am start time.  Did I mention, I'm not a morning person?  Nor did I give a thought to the fact that I'm seriously out of shape.  Let's just say that my upper arms can best be described as cream-filled.  Yes, I might just be completely bonkers. 

But, you know, at least I can look good while paddling around Tom Sawyer Island.  Which is why I just ordered a pair of Patchwork Madras Plaid Mickey Mouse Shorts for Women.  Cute, right? 

Madras shorts

And for those of you unfamiliar with the Annual Disneyland Resort Canoe Races, here's a fun video about last year's event that explains it all.  (Actually, I think this is going to be a blast!):

Mickey Works His Magic

By Gina, Jun 21, 2010 1:00 PM

Okay, so I’m a pretty happy person, but, like most people, every now and then I just get feeling a little down.  When that happens, the way I deal with the blues is by cleaning and organizing.   Anyway, last week was one of “those weeks” for me, so this past weekend I decided to tackle the job of cleaning out our garage.  This meant going through some boxes that hadn’t been opened since the hubby and I moved into our house.  Six years ago.  (Like I said, I’m generally a pretty happy person.)


I hadn’t gotten very far into my task when I came across an old Mickey Mouse child’s spoon that originally belonged to my Grandma Grace.



Mickey Spoon 1


As a kid, I used to love this spoon.  There is just something about the version of Mickey Mouse on the handle – all pie-eyed and happy with a posture which strikes me as proud – that still makes me smile.  It’s as if he’s standing back and taking in a huge and important accomplishment. (Perhaps a clean and organized garage?) 


Idon’t even remember how I ended up with this treasure – it was a favorite of all of Grace's grandchildren.  It had obviously been special to Grandma Grace, too, because this humble and well-worn utensil had always been displayed in her curio cabinet along with her best crystal and porcelain. It’s funny to think back on how, as children, we couldn’t have cared less about the expensive vases and pickle dishes on exhibit in that cabinet, but we were mesmerized by the simple image of Mickey Mouse on Grandma’s childhood spoon.  That Grandma had once been a child was a big concept for us to try to wrap our heads around.  That as a child she, too, had been a fan of one of our most beloved animated characters was… significant and… comforting. 


Anyway, the contents of Grandma’s curio cabinet were long ago allotted to her heirs, and now here in my cluttered garage, nestled in some twisted old newspaper in a box full of random family photos and knickknacks, was her beloved Mickey Mouse spoon.  And I was a kid again – the happy memories brought back by the spoon had magically chased away my case of the blues. 


The spoon is now on display in my own curio cabinet where it belongs.  As for my garage...

Mickey Spoon 2




It’s been said that Mickey Mouse embodies a collective desire to escape the pressures of modern life and return to childhood.  I think that holds true for many Disney characters.  What are some Disney gems that take you back to your childhood?  Maybe it’s your first Mickey Mouse ear hat  or…? 


What Disney treasures of today do you imagine your children will look to in the future for that special warm and cozy feeling?


By Gina, Jun 20, 2010 10:01 AM

Every natural, innate desire in us corresponds to some real object that can satisfy that desire.

When you desire something, you become motivated to turn that desire into a reality.  It seems like every time I browse the site, I find myself becoming super-motivated.  I’m guessing you know what I mean.

Here are my top 3 desires this week:

1.  Mary Poppins: The Broadway Musical - Parrot Head Umbrella

Mary Poppins Umbrella
Why:  A practically perfect in every way blend of understated whimsy and function. 

Reason to buy:  This umbrella is so delightfully special that I’ll be extra careful not to leave it behind the way I often do with ordinary umbrellas.  Also, it’s so charming that I’ll probably use it as a parasol this summer thereby protecting my skin from sun damage – which is something we should all do, right?  And, who knows, when the East wind blows, it might just carry me away to No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane in London.



2.  Citizen® Eco-Drive® Brown Leather Mickey Mouse Watch for Women 


Why:  This gorgeous blend of retro style and revolutionary technology converts any source of light into usable energy.  In other words, you’ll never need to change the battery.  Yay!

Reason to buy:  I gave up on watches once I started carrying a cell phone.  I mean, who needs a watch, right?  But, the thing is, I miss wearing a watch.  They’re a nice accessory.  They look polished.  I love the classic Mickey on the face and the vintage look of this watch.   And did I mention I’ll never need to change the battery?  Yay!


3.  Tonal Mickey Mouse Champsac Bag by Dooney & Bourke

DB Bag  

Why: This high quality Dooney & Bourke bag is versatile and practical with loads of Disney style. 

Reason to buy:  It’ll go great with my new Citizen® Eco-Drive® Brown Leather Mickey Mouse Watch for Women, of course!




What are some of your Disney Store desires this week?

How Do You Call "Star Command?"

By Jennifer, Jun 19, 2010 7:32 PM

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would be so immersed in the Disney way of life until I had a child.  Of course, I grew up in Southern California with Disneyland only a short car ride from our home and even loved Disney movies into my teen years. We had become surrounded by Disney toys, clothing, and even home decor when my son arrived and we haven't turned back.

It's true that when a child becomes aware of something that is entertaining to them, that they want it over and over again.  At our house it started with Finding Nemo.  It was three weeks straight of Nemo, Marlin, and Dory at our house.  It got to the point where my husband and I knew lines from the movie and would even quote them to each other during conversations or even through emails.  This all turned into us owning almost all the stuffed toys from the movie including small characters like Sheldon and Pearl and I'm sure you can all guess what our son was for Halloween that year.

About a year ago, the same scenario played out again in our home and this time it was "Toy Story 1 & 2."  Both were loved by our son and he even insisted on wearing his Woody costume to sleep.  When Spring rolled around, we thought that the Easter Bunny could bring something really special for our son this year and decided that the Buzz Lightyear Action Figure would floor him.  We splurged and I went online and ordered the Thinkway version. Buzz Our son's eyes were huge when he opened his Easter basket and he couldn't wait to untangle him from the mess of packaging and wires holding Buzz in his cardboard "rocket."  Once he was free, the talking didn't stop.  Buzz cracks a few jokes that even we as adults enjoyed. Not only does he talk, but he reacts to sound and movement and the wings light up.  The things that our son remembers from the movies always amaze us but the one comment he made about the action figure made us chuckle.  He opened the flap on the forearm of Buzz and asked me,

"Mommy, what is that?"

He looked at me with knowing eyes and probably expected me to respond with something factual and fun but I actually didn't know.

"I don't know. What is that?" I replied.

"That's how you call Star Command," he said.

How was I supposed to know that?  It's the little things that delight a child and the fact that he could open the flap and call Star Command made his day.  Oh, and did I tell you his wings and helmet open and he reacts to them when they do?  Our son has taught us everything Buzz is capable of doing

Buzz has joined us at the dinner table, gone on a few car rides and has even gone to bed with our son.  One night, after reading him a story, singing him a song, and tucking him into bed, he called for me a few minutes later.



"Buzz won't be quiet and he's being too loud."

When Buzz lays motionless for a while, he has an auto shutoff mode but he announces it beforehand.  He tells you "(Yawn) Time for Hypersleep."

I told him that Buzz wanted to go to sleep and that he should sleep too.  I turned him off for the night but tomorrow was a new day with new adventures.