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2011 Brings Newly Designed Disney Stores to Open in Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe!

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, Jan 11, 2011 10:45 AM

What's a new year without new surprises and new beginnings? The magic continues in 2011 as we plan to open our innovative and newly designed concept stores in Canada, Puerto Rico and Europe!


This morning, at the National Retail Federation's Big Show in New York City, we made the official announcement and we are more excited than ever! Our Disney Stores Worldwide president, Jim Fielding shares: "Guests told us that we brought the magic back to Disney Store with the launch of our new design and responded by staying in the stores longer and purchasing more. The future of Disney Store is brighter than ever as we expand our reach by opening in new markets, leverage the latest technology to enhance the guest experience and improve efficiency, showcase incredible new Disney content, and bring a magical Disney experience to local communities everywhere."

New year, new stores and more magic than ever before!  Here's a peek at the stores to come!

Disney Store Locations: US, Canada and Puerto Rico

  • The first newly designed Disney Store in Georgia will open in Atlanta's Perimeter Mall
  • Guests in Washington will celebrate the opening of two Disney Store locations in Seattle's Westfield Southcenter mall and at Bellevue Square
  • Mall of America, the second largest mall in the United States, will open the first newly designed Disney Store in Minnesota
  • For the first time in 10 years, Puerto Rico will have its very own Disney Store when an experiential new store opens at Plaza Las Americas this summer
  • The first newly designed Disney Store in Canada will open in the remodeled Square One Mall in Mississauga, Ontario and Metropolis in Vancouver, British Columbia will also open an inaugural store.
  • Additionally, Disney Store will open four remodeled stores at Westfield in Culver City, CA; Palisades shopping center in West Nyack, NY; Chandler Fashion Center in Arizona, and Northstar mall in San Antonio, Texas.

 Disney Store Locations: Europe

  • Three new European countries will unveil a Disney Store for the very first time -- Copenhagen, Denmark, which will be the very first Disney Store in Scandinavia, Dublin in the Republic of Ireland and Antwerp in Belgium
  • The new Disney Store location on Oxford Street in London is expected to be a top attraction for both tourists and local guests
  • Bromley and Nottingham in the UK, Lyon in France, and Naples in Italy will be remodeled to the new design
  • Two Spanish locations, Cadiz in the Southwest and Las Arenas on Gran Canaria, one of the Canary Islands, will also be remodeled locations.


We'll see you inside the castle! It really is a small world after all! ;)



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Mall of America will open its first ever Disney Store?
What is that store I've been visiting for several years then?

I keep wishing for one to come back to the southern-Ohio area...

Please bring a store back to the St. Louis, Mo. area!

How about one in North Carolina???????

When will the Atlanta perimeter mall store open back up?

Please bring a store back to the Boise Idaho market!

Thanks for the Update. Mall of America already has a Disney Store. I have been in it. It is the Red Mickey Format Store. Was that a typo meaning they will get a newly remodeled Disney Store?

PLEASE! Fort Wayne, Indiana wants the return of it's beloved Disney Store!! We can only wish upon a star, sprinkle pixie dust and say the magic words so many's up to you to do the rest! Bring the magic back to Fort Wayne, Indiana!

why did you close the store in bridgewater, nj?

Just wanted to let you know that Mall of America has had TDS for quite a few years. I would know as I worked there from 2003-2008. I am very excited to hear of this upcoming remodel as MOA did get remodeled to the Mickey Store.

We lost 8 TDS within an hour's drive. Please bring one back to southwest Ohio! Former castmember and Disneyana Enthusiast.

If the Mall of America is getting there first ever Disney Store this year... I would like to know what's been there all this time. There is a Disney Store at the MOA. Right outside of Macy's on the second floor. A new redesigned store I would understand and look forward to.

We REALLY want and need a Disney store here again in Cincinnati. I have tons of friends and family I literally buy for on trips elsewhere. We went from a city that used to have 3 area stores, yes 3 stores to absolutely NONE. (They were Northgate, Tri-County, & Kenwood... we even had one across the river in Florence KY for a while and I would make trips there but that one is now gone as well. Now when we make at minimum a bi-yearly trip it's an 1 1/2 -2 1/2 hr drive south to either Lexington KY & Louisville KY respectively. That is crazy. I have two small children ages 3 & 6 and it's just unbelievable we don't have a store. Now when we make the trips south we already make the day a special treat and make a day of it. be interesting to see when and if they make the transformations of such in these stores how much more of a destination it will be? I have not been there once where we have not dropped less than $230.00 in purchases... and bought for others as well. Please consider a store in our area again. I know it would be well recieved.

Please excuse our typo! We meant to state that Mall of America, the second largest mall in the United States, will open the first NEWLY DESIGNED Disney Store in Minnesota. Thank you for pointing out our mistake to us, Richard, Shaun, Briana and Jolie!

All Store in the Nashville (Middle Tennessee) area were closed.

There are three Disney smores within 20min of me, none I'd which are worthy of shopping at. Why to small and carry a very limited supply of products. Would love to have one really big one in their place.

Do any of the MOA posters know if they sell vinylmations at the MOA location?

Disney Store in Cinci please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Do you know when 'The Disney Store' will open in Vancouver BC Canada? We want to be there opening day!


Would love to have a Disney Store back in Anchorage, AK!!! The online merchandise is great, but it's always so nice to see and touch, plus so easy to get right away instead of waiting for that shipment. I was a cast member for almost ten years before the store closed and I still miss it so much!! Come back to Alaska!!!

I sincerely hope that a Disney Store returns to the St Louis area. I live in Springfield Il where, at one time, we had a store of our own. Then there were at least four more in St Louis. All are now closed. The closest is now Chicago. A five hour trip is too much. Please give this central area back a Disney store. We miss you.

I work at the MOA Disney Store, and we do carry Vinylmations. We would love to have you come in and check them out!

Is this a complete list or are there more in the works?

We need a store back in St. Louis please!!!

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