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I'm seeing spots! Minnie polka dots, that is!

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, Jan 17, 2011 9:00 AM

Coming soon! All new, Harveys for Disney Couture SPECIAL EDITION Seatbeltbags! Exclusively available through and NYC Disney Store in Times Square. 

Mark your calendars for 1.30.11!

Stay tuned for more polka-dotted cuteness...



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How adorable! I love Minnie Mouse. She is the cutest fashionista ever! She's always sweet AND in style. And what a sweet guy she has in Mickey. Rock it Minnie! :D

I lost my tink charm watch the one with the green tink in the face when I was in an ambulamce I was having seizures. I feel so bad. I lost my daughter, I called her tinkerbell.
I contacted the ambulance company and they say they can't find it. what a shame. I hope They put out that watch again so I can purchase one. I got my first one off ebay.

Melody, thank you for sharing with us- we send our condolences. We invite you to visit our Tinker Bell Boutique ( to browse our selection of Tinker Bell and fairy items. In particular, we think you might like our Tinker Bell Locket Necklace (! We wish you the best!

these polka dots are so cute. so cute on Minnie mouse too.SEO Marketing , Online Marketing

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