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Disney Store Pop! Vinyl Collection Grand Reveal

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, May 27, 2011 9:30 AM

Thanks for keeping up with our challenges and playing with us! All of this week's challenges lead up to today- the grand reveal of our newest vinyl collection Pop! Okay okay, we'll stop with the long introductions and get to the good stuff!

Watch as our new Pop! Vinyl are revealed in true Pop! style below:


Disney Store Pop! Vinyl
Coming exclusively to Disney Stores and May 30, 2011

Challenge #2 Answers to Listen and learn more about our Disney Store Pop! Vinyl Collection

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, May 26, 2011 9:30 AM

Yesterday's challenge asked you to listen carefully to find out more about our Pop! Vinyl Collection that's coming to Disney Store soon! Did you catch all the popping? More importantly, you might be wondering WHO is making all the noise...

Today we reveal sneak peek visuals of the two Pop! Vinyls that were causing all the commotion! Let us know who you see and tune in tomorrow for our official announcement and big reveal of all 12 vinyl characters in our new Pop! Vinyl collection!


Challenge #2: Listen and learn more about our Disney Store Pop! Vinyl Collection

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, May 25, 2011 9:30 AM

Monday's challenge asked you to use your eyes and punny mind but today's challenge requires careful listening. Shhh! Did you catch that?  The sounds lead to more clues about our newest Pop! Vinyl collection. Tell us what you hear in the two videos below and check back tomorrow for the answer and to see and hear more about our Pop!-ular vinyls! (Yeahhhh, we had to sneak another pun in!)


Challenge #1 Answers to Fill in the blank to Disney Store's New Vinyl Collection

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, May 24, 2011 9:30 AM

PopStitch   PopSnowWhite
PopMaleficent   PopArtCruella

Yesterday we showed you words and photos and asked you to play our word and image game. It wasn't too hard, right? ;) The answer to yesterday's fill-in-the-blank and photo challenge is POP! What is Pop! you ask? Pop! is the newest vinyl collection from Disney Store. The first series of these funky Pop! characters is going to POP into stores soon and contains 12 uniquely-styled vinyl figures of your favorite Disney characters. Here is a sneak peek of what these spunky little guys look like. Do any of the characters POP out to you? Alright, we'll back off from going overboard with the puns :P Stay tuned for more challenges and news to come your way tomorrow!

Challenge #1: Fill in the blank to Disney Store's New Vinyl Collection

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, May 23, 2011 9:30 AM

PopPopcorn  PopLollipops
PopSoda  PopArtCruella2

Take a good look at the photos above and get your pun-thinking cap on! Can you fill in the blanks? What do these photos have in common? Post your answers in the comments below and tell us what you come up with. Come back tomorrow for the answer to today's challenge and more clues to Disney Store's upcoming new vinyl collection!

Newly-Designed Disney Store Opens in West Nyack, New York!

By Marisa Martinez, Official Disney Store Blogger, May 18, 2011 3:56 PM

Today, Disney Store celebrated the opening  of our newest newly-designed location at Palisades Center in West Nyack, New York! A crowd of excited Mousketeers made it out to the opening, where Cast Members gave out a free pair of Mickey Ears to the first 250 guests.

Here are some fun snap shots from the opening festivities:  Open_for_business[1]
A lucky guest unlocks imagination to open the West Nyack Disney Store

A Disney Store Cast Member shows a young guest how to select Disney content to view in the Disney Store Theater.

A young guest tries out the Magic Mirror for the first time.

A Cast Member shows two young guests how to build the fastest Lightning McQueen Ridemakerz car in town! What's your favorite CARS-Ridemakerz accessory?

West Nyack, welcome to the Disney Store family! Stay tuned for updates about more exciting Disney Store openings coming up!




Thor Giveaway Sweepstakes Winners and Free Shipping with Marvel Item!

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, May 06, 2011 11:30 AM

In honor of the relase of the film Thor, The Buzz held its very first sweepstakes this week! The winners were chosen yesterday and each will receive a Lighting Power Thor Action Figure and a Thor Lighting Hammer!


Congratulations to our winners

 Evelyn Kuo, Victor Shiau, and Richard Phillips!


With the help of  a Lighting Power Thor Action Figure and a Thor Lighting Hammer they shall possess the power of Thor! Thank you to everyone who participated!

Here are the answers to the Thor trivia:
1. Mjolnir 2. Blake 3. Norway 4. Odin 5. Loki 6. axis 7. thunder 8. humility
Get ready to feel the rage of battle, in theaters:  MAY SIXTH - that's today!

Grab your loved ones and go see Thor, in theaters today and celebrate Thor's release with us by visiting for FREE SHIPPING on your entire order with any Marvel item!



Kidada for Disney Store - Our First Exclusive Designer Collection!

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, May 04, 2011 3:30 PM

WishaLittlesSnowWhite WishaLittlesBelle WishaLittlesCinderella WishaLittlesTiana

Who were those cute little princesses scurrying across our home page this week? Today, Disney Store celebrates the launch of Kidada for Disney Store, an exclusive collection with celebrity designer and Disney enthusiast, Kidada Jones. The Charming Collection is a mix of apparel, jewelry, a limited edition Vinylmation figure and Wish-a-Littles, Kidada's design twist on Disney Princess. The Kidada for Disney Store collection is designed to inspire the dreamer in all of us.

"With this classic collection, Kidada brings a unique and whimsical vision to the beloved Disney characters," said Jim Fielding, president of Disney Stores Worldwide. "Disney Store's reinvention over the last two years has taken us to magical new heights and our collaboration with Kidada Jones is the first of many that will position us as a retail destination where guests will find designer collections and unexpected surprises."

"As a kid growing up in Southern California, I was a frequent visitor to the Disneyland and developed a deep love of the magic and wonder of Disney," said Kidada Jones. "This collection was inspired by childhood memories of Disney and the Disney Princess characters combined with my many influences from music and travels around the world." launched the Kidada for Disney Store online boutique today, showcasing all of the tantalizing new merchandise.


KidadaPage KidadaPage2 KidadaPage3
Kidada for Disney Store Collection includes:

  • Wish-A-Little Collection— inside each Belle, Cinderella, Snow White and Tiana figurine, you'll find a charm necklace on a silk strand, as a reminder to love a little, dream a little, laugh a little and wish a little. 
  • Kidada for Disney Store pendant necklaces are inspired by Disney Princess and infused with Kidada's unique style and whimsy.
  • Mini Moments charms are based on beloved Disney characters and interpreted by Kidada with her signature style. 
  • Adult and children tees featuring the Wish-A-Little version of beloved Disney Princess characters or Kidada's signature wish phrases. 
  • Wish-a-Little reusable Totes are the perfect accessory to hold your Wish-a-Little swag. 
  • Kidada for Disney Store Wish-a-Little watch keeps the time for all your wishing moments. 
  • Kidada for Disney Store-branded Limited Edition 9" Vinylmation figure has a fun and colorful design and features a bracelet with a Kidada butterfly charm. 

LoveKidada Kidada for Disney Store Collection is available exclusively on, and at Disney Store locations in New York's Times Square, North Michigan Ave. in Chicago; Stockton Street in San Francisco, CA; and Santa Monica Place in Santa Monica, CA. 

Remember to love a little, dream a little, laugh a little and wish a little!


Thor Giveaway Sweepstakes: Win a Lighting Power Thor Action Figure and Life-size Thor Lightning Hammer!

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, May 03, 2011 12:01 AM

In honor of the relase of the film Thor The Buzz is holding its very first sweepstakes! Are you ready to conquer this lightning round to win a Lighting Power Thor Action Figure and a Thor Lighting Hammer?


The Lighting Power Thor Action Figure has flashing lights, interchangeable weapons and speaks 3 different phrases while the life-size Thor Lighting Hammer features flashing lights, thunder sounds and launches missiles! (The Lighting Power Thor Action Figure and the Thor Lighting Hammer have caused quite a commotion in the office. Many a Disney Store cast member has been tempted to push the belt on the action figure to hear "I AM THORRRRRRR!" proclaimed. Trust me on this one: lights, sounds and a gigantic foam hammer are a LOT of fun! :P)

When entering in comments section, please be sure to include your first name and email address in the information fields  (email address will not be displayed with the comment). This is our way of contacting you. Entries received will not be published to the public during the duration of the sweepstakes. (But don't worry, we see them!)

Remember to enter by Wednesday, May 4th,  11:49 PM PDT!

For sweepstakes rules, please click here.

Week of Thor: Behind the Scenes with the Disney Store Thor Sculptor

By Amy Lin, UGA Online Marketing, May 02, 2011 11:53 AM

Waves are but water. Wind but air. And though lightning be fire...yet it must answer thunder's call! Make way for the mighty Thor, who comes to theaters this weekend!  In preparation for the Thor film release, I visited Devin Martin, our Disney Store 3-D Designer, who has been busy the last couple of months sculpting three-dimensional Marvel figure sets, including a figurine of the awesome Nordic god of thunder. Devin shares the process of 3-D computer sculpting, his love for Thor and gives us some very impressive and detailed sneak peeks of his Thor figurine:


Amy: Hi Devin, can you tell our readers your role at Disney Store and what you do?
Devin: I am a 3-D Designer for hardlines toys. This means that I work on using computer programs to sculpt three-dimensional products, like snow globes, toys and the Marvel figurine sets I have been working on.

THOR1 A: What is the process of creating one of these figurines?
D: The process of 3-D sculpting I do now is actually quite new. In the past, we had a team of character artists who would draw and design products in 2-D. We would draw pictures of the products from the front, side and back view on Photoshop and send these files to artists overseas who would hand sculpt from our drawings into clay. They would take pictures of the sculpts and send them back to us. Because our 2-D ideas were being transferred to  their 3-D sculpts we often had to make corrections on the photographs they sent us, send them back, and they would change and fix the sculpts accordingly. This process sometimes went back and fourth three or four times and could take up to 2 months. Now, with the 3-D sculpting computer program, the whole process can be a lot faster: I directly sculpt the figures in 3-D on the computer and a machine actually prints the 3-D figures out. There is no more middle man and one less step to take to go from design to actually producing a physical 3-D piece to use to make a mold. Sometimes I don't even physically draw the figurine out on paper before I start so I just sculpt on the computer from my head. Digital sculpting gives you a lot of flexibility and tricks that actual physical sculpting don't. Half the time the characters I need to sculpt are already available in digital form and I can use the actual file of a character from the movie. For example, I can use the actual cg file of Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story and open it in my 3-D program and adjust it to create a Buzz Lightyear toy. Everything is already to scale and model so I can get it done quicker! One great advantage of 3-D sculpting on the computer is we can re-use character files. Once we have a sculpt of a character saved on digital file we can re-use it over and over again, in different poses or styles for whatever 3-D product featuring that character. After sculpting a figure on the computer, a machine prints the 3-D figurine out and the sculpted piece is then cast to create a mold casing that will be used to produce the actual product. Once the mold casing is finished it can begin to be used for producing the figurines. From that point on the product is out of my hands and it goes into package design and everything else.

A: How long does it take to sculpt one figure?
D: At first it took a week to two weeks because the digital sculpting process was new to all of us. Now I can sculpt something in 2 or 3 days.

A: There's so much detail in your Thor sculpt, like the veins in Thor's hand! Does that kind of detail translate onto the small figures?
D: That's a good question! Some of the detail won't translate but I sculpt the details regardless because we may use this same Thor file for another product at another time. Sometimes I'll have to simplify or thicken parts of the characters, like their fingers, to make sure they turn out when they are cast.

THOR3 A: Did you have to do any research while creating the Marvel figure set?
D: A lot of the people on the design team grew up liking comics so a lot of the knowledge we have about the characters come from our childhood. I also bought some comics and used a Marvel Encyclopedia to help and people from Marvel also gave me images to use as reference.

A: What do you enjoy about getting to sculpt Marvel characters?
D: The beauty of comic books is that different artists have drawn characters over time and each artist puts their own twist or style on a character. When I'm drawing Marvel characters I have to stay true to the character but I have leeway that I wouldn't ordinarily have with Disney characters. Thor has always been one of my favorite, even as a kid. There's something about him that was always interesting to me.

A: What is your own personal twist on the Thor figurine?
D: When I picture Thor I picture his character having a distinct chiseled face so I sculpted his face from head shots of male models who had chiseled features. I can describe my process as being similar to the process the casting agency went through to find the right actor for the movie. They were looking for certain kinds of features to fit what they thought was reflective of how Thor should look. I was looking to create him with a chiseled face because that was one of the features I thought Thor should have. Other artists might emphasize different things or exaggerate other features they think reflect the character.

THOR2 A: Did you face any unique challenges when sculpting the Thor figure?
D: Yes! The wings on Thor's head are very small. Because I am creating a digital sculpt that will eventually be read by a machine, I had to thicken the wings to make sure they would not be lost in the printing of the 3-D piece.

A: Thor has a lot of muscles- how did you learn how to accurately sculpt them?
D: As a figure artist I had to learn a lot about human anatomy. I spent years and years of art classes studying anatomy so I know basic muscle structure. Even so, I have to look at references sometimes to see how muscles flex and move. With comics I can over-exaggerate the muscles but I still use my references and often ask people on my team to check my work in case there is something they see that I don't.

A: How do you decide what poses to put the Marvel characters in?
D: I actually sculpt all the characters standing first and then I pose them. I think about what kind of poses reflect the character. To help me, I bought physical pose-able figures online that have 33 points of articulation. This means the pose-able figure can bend and move just about the way a real human being can. I pose the figure in different positions until I see something I like and use it to help me decide how to pose my sculpts. I also have to keep the manufacturing process of the figures in mind when I choose character poses. I sculpt thinking about how the figure will pull out of a mold.

A: In addition to understanding anatomy, you also have to deal with sculpting clothing on the figures while they are in action.
D: Yes, it really is one thing to draw and another thing to sculpt. I had to understand fabric movement and the folding of soft surfaces. It's part of the learning I had to do over the years and, again, I still look at a lot of references today. I have to do the same when I'm sculpting hair, too! Thor has lots of hair...

A: Devin, what kind of encouragement or advice do you have for young artists who might be reading this interview?
D: Be serious about the craft and take the time to learn it. Drawing is really cerebral, it's more than just training your hand to do a skill, it involves understanding how the eye perceives things. Learn how to draw and paint and design, don't take short cuts. When you learn these skills they will take you through whatever technical advancement that comes. Like I said, I took years and years of figure classes that help me today. They served as a really good foundation for the sculpting I do now on the computer.

There you have it! It takes some serious talent and skill to sculpt the muscles of a Nordic god! Hope you enjoyed learning more behind the scenes processes of 3-D sculpting as much as I did and keep your eyes open for the Marvel figure sets to be released in the near future! Also keep your eyes open for some more Thor news... ;)

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