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From the Desk of a Robots Vinylmation Artist - Jim Valeri

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Jul 25, 2011 9:00 AM

Hey all Robots and Buzz fans out there! Robots have invaded Disney Stores around the nation and at!

Do you ever wonder what the inspiration was behind the Vinylmation designs? Well, we wanted to share with you how the idea of Robots came about. We are so excited to welcome a special guest blogger on The Buzz today, one of the Robots Vinylmation Artists, Jim Valeri! 

In 1938, Orson Wells'  infamous "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast described a terrifying  real time "alien invasion." The broadcast sparked pandemonium along the Eastern Seaboard until it was revealed to be a brilliantly crafted piece of fiction.

This week, another invasion of sorts has taken place exclusively at Disney Stores across the country but this invasion is real.....Vinylmation Robots are coming!

Our intrepid team of designers has been rummaging through hulking junkyards of pure imagination to bring these bots to life and now we're thrilled to share them with our guests.

The series was conceived as an homage to those great vintage tin robots toys of the mid 20th century...but with a modern twist here and there.

The design criteria was simple. We wanted each robot to tell a little story with detail and color, to have some sort of discernible "face", and to maintain sort of "retro" feel.

We hope you'll agree that the result is a colorfully detailed and visually diverse set of figures that will further solidify the union between machine and mankind.

We're advising Vinylmation fans everywhere to resist the urge to flee for their lives and instead....embrace the Robot invasion. 

After all, they're only three inches tall. How much damage can they really do?


Jim Valeri


About Jim Valeri – Senior Manager, Design:


Though he was born in Akron, Ohio, Jim Valeri considers himself a California native. With a degree in illustration from Cal State Northridge, Jim worked in the aerospace industry for some time before becoming an intern at Disney Consumer Products in 1994. Seventeen years later, Jim is still with the company creating Vinylmation like Cranky-Bot and Voltinator-Bot from the Robots Series. Jim also created one of the exclusive Limited Edition 9” Robots—Salvage-Bot. Art is a compulsion for Jim, so working in the creative environment of the Disney Store and making characters come to life every day is only natural.


Have you seen our Robots "Vinylvasion" video yet? Have you noticed any strange hidden things in any of the scenes? Look closely! Watch the video on



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I love the different yet silly robots! I can for sure feel the "retro" feel- so awesome!

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