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Announcing the Disney Princess Designer Collection Exclusively at Disney Store

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Aug 12, 2011 11:13 AM


Inspired by the fashion illustrations of the 1950’s and 1960’s that showed when fashion was all about glamour, Disney Store is excited to announce an elegant new collection carefully crafted by Disney artists to capture the magic and style of the classic Disney Princesses.   Although these versions of the princesses are retro-inspired, they still have a modern edge.  The idea behind the Disney Princess Designer Collection was to re-imagine the princesses in a way we’ve never done before, by giving them a high fashion edge while still capturing each princess’s classically unique look.

A limited amount of the complete 10 doll set ($595.00) will be available for pre-purchase at the D23 Expo.  A new Limited Edition Doll ($59.50) will be released in stores and on every Monday, starting August 22nd. The edition size varies for each Disney Princess and there are limited quantities.

In addition to the 10 beautiful collector dolls, Disney Store will also offer a small assortment of home product (stationery and mugs) as well as special trend items (t-shirts, cosmetics, and accessories).

Make sure to check back on The Buzz and visit Disney Store and each week to see our featured Disney Princess and the Home Collection!



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Will the above image be available for purchase?


How much will these cost?

will the website post the order of the dolls ahead of time??

Individual dolls are $59.50. A limited amount of the complete 10 doll set for pre-purchase at D23 Expo is $595.00.

Very pretty!! I hope I manage to snag the Rapunzel one! :-D

Are the dolls average sized about the same as a barbie?

when will Belle be available?

Will each individual doll be available for purchase next weekend at the D23 Expo? If yes, will they be available for purchase all 3 days of the Expo, or just starting Saturday, when the artist signing for the dolls takes place? Thanks.

Does anyone remember Princess Kida from Atlantis: The lost Empire? I hope one day Disney will recognize her. I bet her designer dress would've been awesome.

who is the princess in the brown dress???

Will the disney princess designer collection be comeing to the UK disney store?

the princess in brown is Pocahontas.

Hi! I am a Disney Store cast member and I wanted to answer some of your questions. A new doll will be released every Monday, starting on August 22 and ending October 24th. I do not know the order, only that Cinderella is first. The dolls will be about the same size as a barbie. The dolls featured will be Jasmine, Mulan, Tiana, Aurora, Ariel, Cinderella, Snow White, Pocahontas (The princess in brown for poster Aurora's question), Rapunzel, and Belle. I do not know if the website will announce the order of the dolls or not. I do not know this information.I would check back tomorrow, when the first doll is released to see if any info is available. Hope this helps.

The one in the brown dress is Pocahontas. The Disney store will release a new one every Monday starting 8/23.

When will Ariel be available?

can you tell me what TIME ( EST) the cinderella will be available for purchase online?

Love the above image!!! I want it too. Great job to the designers and artists.

Is there a list anywhere of the order they are released in???

I think it's supposed to be a surprise!

When can we order online????????????

I hope Belle is released next. I love her!

I LOVE Pocahontas, she's not my fav princess (ariel/tiana) but that doll came out AMAZING!!!

Will all the dolls be release together in boxset or seperated? Because i'm 20 and love to collect princess dolls! And i want to snag the Ariel doll, then Jasmin and belle only.

i was curious.Will the princess design dolls return back on sell even if it was limited edition?

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