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Live from the D23 Expo: Buzzing Behind the Scenes At the Disney Store Costume Parade

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Aug 20, 2011 6:00 PM

Coming to you live from the D23 Expo, the Buzz has the exclusive behind the scenes, all-access pass to today's Disney Store Costume Parade!

Ever been backstage at a real fashion show? Today, the Buzz got a sneak peek at the Disney Store D23 Expo Costume Parade, and we just had to share the experience with all of our readers! The Disney Store Costume Parade was a preview of a selection of the amazing Halloween costumes available at Disney Store this fall, so The Buzz was eager to get a first look!

Before the parade , we went backstage to see some of the models get ready. The process starts with hair and make-up:

D23 Costume Parade 2011 004

D23 Costume Parade 2011 002 

Next, it was time to get dressed. And Disney Store head costume designer Jason Johnson and assistant designer, Julia Pita were stylists for the show!

D23 Costume Parade 2011 008 
Jason Johnson

D23 Costume Parade 2011 007 
Julia Pita

D23 Costume Parade 2011 012 
Mulan getting her crown!

D23 Costume Parade 2011 016 
Cinderella putting on her "glass slipper" (Disney Store role play shoes aren't real glass, but they do light-up!)

D23 Costume Parade 2011 027 
Buzz Lightyear's costume wouldn't be complete without his light-up goggles!

After getting dressed the costume parade models were ready to head to the stage for the show:

D23 Costume Parade 2011 044 
Don't they all look fabulous?! 

Before we knew it, it was showtime at the Disney Living Pavillion Stage. And what a show it was. The parade was hosted by Disney Store's own Jim Babcock, the ultimate fashion show emcee! Here are a few snap shots of the action:

D23 Costume Parade 2011 054 
D23 Costume Parade 2011 059 
D23 Costume Parade 2011 073 
D23 Costume Parade 2011 077 
D23 Costume Parade 2011 081 

It was such a treat for The Buzz to see the costume parade from behind the scenes come to life on stage. And awesome to get a preview of all the amazing costumes Disney Store is offering this Halloween and all year long.

Dying to get yours hands on these great role play costumes? Some of them are already available in Disney Stores and at the Halloween Shop now! Thanks for coming behind the scenes with us, Buzz readers! Stay tuned this weekend for more D23 Expo updates!



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What a great event for those kids. I always enjoyed going to the Disney Stores at that age. Great costume line too!

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