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Behind the Scenes of Villains 2 Vinylmation

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Oct 25, 2011 10:39 AM

Villains 2 Vinylmation have invaded the Disney Store this week! The Buzz wanted to learn more about how the Villains 2 Vinylmation series came to life and how they are more villainous than the first series. So we sat down with Vinylmation Artist, Kyle Jensen, to get the inside scoop.


The Buzz: Hi Kyle! Can you please share with The Buzz what you do here at Disney Store?

 I am a member of the design team that designs almost everything you see in Disney Stores except toys. So on any given day I could design anything from a t-shirt to a collectible to a backpack. In my role, I am able to combine my original designs with innovative fashion trends. The end product is not only fashion-forward, but appealing to our Guests. Also, I have the opportunity to work with the Vinylmation team in designing our Disney Store Vinylmation figures. It’s such a blast!

The Buzz: So, the big question is what is Villains 2 all about?

This one is pretty simple:  Villains 2 is all about giving fans MORE Disney villians that we love to hate!

The Buzz: Awesome! How is this series different than the first Villains series?

While designing the first series, we found that some of the characters would be better represented on vinyl if we designed their faces a little differently than your typical Vinylmation figure. This time, we decided to use the entire vinyl figure as a canvas for our villains’ faces, allowing their expressions to stretch from the head onto the body. We think this translates well for maximum eeeeeevil impact!

The Buzz: Which Villains did you design and where did you get inspiration from?

I designed Shere Khan, Hades and Bowler Hat Guy. Whenever I get to do a Villian vinyl, the inspiration comes directly from the movie itself. The more I watch the villain come to life, the easier the design becomes and I actually find myself quoting the character as I am designing (drives the people around me crazy)!

The Buzz: Who’s your favorite character in the series?

Of my designs, I love the way Sher Khan came out. I designed different versions of him, and  the version that was chosen by the team was actually my second choice, but the way my design translated onto the vinyl figure looks awesome as the final product. My other favorites are Runaway Brain, Eyzma and Shadowman. I want to collect them all!

The Buzz: Did you always want to be an artist?

No. I wanted to be a pro baseball player, actually! But I never quite had enough athletic skill to go very far, so I figured I would be an artist instead.  :)

The Buzz: Who’s your favorite Disney character?

I have to be honest, when it comes to Disney characters I love them all, but if I have to choose one it would have to be Goofy. The “How-To” shorts are some of my favorite Disney cartoons!


Thanks so much for sitting down with us, Kyle!

So now that you’ve got the behind the scenes scoop, who’s your favorite Vinylmation Villain? Check them out on!

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