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Furry Friends Vinylmation Announcement

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Jan 11, 2012 11:31 AM

Dear Disney Store Guests:

It is our commitment to offer high-quality merchandise and unfortunately the application of the Furry Friends Vinylmation artwork did not meet our standards.  As such, we are no longer selling the product.

We have not yet decided whether or not the collection will be re-released in the future, but we are offering a full refund to any Guest who is dissatisfied with his or her Furry Friends Vinylmation purchase. If you would like to return your Furry Friends Vinylmation figure(s), please return the merchandise to the nearest Disney Store or via and we will happily provide a refund for the full amount (or we will exchange your Furry Friends figurine for a Vinylmation figurine from any other series, if available).

Disney Store is still committed to supporting ASPCA’s work and will donate $1 for each Furry Friend Vinylmation produced, for a magical donation of $60,000. We apologize to our Guests for any inconvenience. 

Thank you,

Disney Store



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I was really excited for this set. I saw the photos on the net and would still be happy to have some of these. The quality seemed fine for me. My daughter was so excited about Pluto and the other characters in this set.

Oh boy, please re release them! If not for the quality issues, this would have been the first series that I really enjoyed the use of the new mold. Im a big fan of the old mold but these actually were awesome on the new one.

We just bought three this week and they were in perfect shape. I absolutely adore them. This is one of my favorite Vinylmation collections, I do hope you bring them back.

Please fix the problem and bring the, back for those of us who have been waiting for this wonderful set!!!!

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