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25th Anniversary, Day 17: Vinylmation Past & Present

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 11, 2012 11:56 PM

Do you know the name of the Disney collectible toy line where figures like this come from?

Country Daisy Duck
If you answered Vinylmation, then you’d be correct! These awesome little figurines are taking the world by storm with their ever-changing artwork in each new series design. They have become quite the collecting sensation!

Vinylmation is a fun and affordable collectible designer toy originally created by Disney Theme Park Merchandise. With its exclusive releases and blind boxes, Vinylmation is all about creative expression and the mysterious thrill of the chase.

First Vinylmation Series, Park #1

Park #1, first Vinylmation series released by Disney Theme Park Merchandise.

Devising a name for this unique collectors item came when Disney Cast Members thought to combine the word “Animation” with the world “Vinyl,” which is the medium upon which the creative designs are expressed. Currently the figure form used for the Vinylmation figurines is shaped like Mickey Mouse; however, artists do not consider themselves redesigning the famous mouse, but rather using the form as a blank three-dimensional canvas upon which Disney artists can express their creativity.

Vinylmation’s history with Disney Store is relatively young, as it was first announced in June 2010 that select Disney Stores would be carrying special series designed via a new line up of Disney Store artists. The Montebello, California location was the first of the stores to carry Vinylmation.

In November of 2010 a team of artists was assembled to help design Disney Store’s own exclusive New York City themed Vinylmation figurines that debuted at the grand opening of Disney Store Times Square.

Disney Store NYC Vinylmation Series
Following the exclusive release of NYC Vinylmation figurines, Disney Store followed with the first set of the wildly popular Villains series in January 2011. After these first Villains wreaked havoc at Disney Stores, they paved the way for a whole slew of new Vinylmation series designed exclusively for Disney Store. These series have included city-specific exclusives, Disney’s The Lion King, Villains 2, Tunes, and of course the totally awesome Robots. Want to know if your Vinylmation piece is a Disney Store creation? Check the bottom of your figurine for a unique artist signature! You might recognize some of the signatures below!

Disney Store Vinylmation Artist Signatures
Artist Oskar Mendez hard at work!

Disney Store artist Oskar Mendez has helped design a number of Vinylmation series for Disney Store.

Disney Store Villains Vinylmation

9" and 3" Vinylmation figurines from Disney Store's Villains series.

With their adorable, creative, and artistic designs, it is hard not to love Vinylmation figurines. Disney Store has an exciting year of Vinylmation planned, with new and never-before-seen series in store for Guests. We have an amazing set of artists on hand at Disney Store who are hard at work creating innovative and imaginative series of your favorite Disney characters. Be sure to get your exclusive Vinylmation information here at The Buzz as we keep you up-to-date on the latest figurine details!

If you haven’t seen our awesome Robots video yet, check it out below!


What is your favorite Vinylmation series? Any figures you are hoping to see in the coming year?

16 days to go!




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My favorite was the Furry Friends. Despite the flaws, they were amazingly cute! I was unable to get them, and I can't afford to pay $500+ for a full set of 12 on eBay, but I really hope they will make a comeback. Please bring them back. Don't make your guests pay eBay prices :(

My favorite series that I like it the Muppets and Alice in Wonderland Series. I really want to see The Princess Vinylmation Series and Beauty and the Beast Vinylmation.

When will the 25th Anniversary Disney Store mystery box series be released? That is the series I am most looking forward to! I can't wait to see them light up in person. :)

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