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25th Anniversary, Day 3: Disney Princess Dolls Past & Present

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 25, 2012 9:00 AM

Happy Sunday, Buzz Readers!

There is not a group more sweet, elegant, intelligent, kind, loving, and charming as the lovely Disney Princesses! From the curious Ariel, to the brave Mulan, the Disney Princesses have always proven to carry themselves with grace and poise. It is no wonder we love them all so much!

Disney's Lovely PrincessesDisney Store has always loved its princesses, featuring them in a number of products. It is our dolls, however, that will take the spotlight in today’s post! The lovely Disney princesses have remained iconic in their appearances since they first appeared in the classic animated films. But their doll designs have definitely changed to reflect the times! 

Take a look below at the different dolls that have appeared in Disney Stores. See if you can spot any that you have!

Disney Store Singing Dolls Snow White
Hold the hand of our singing Disney Princess Dolls and hear the original voice from the classic animated Disney films sing their signature songs!

Disney Animators' Collection Toddler Dolls

Legendary Disney Animators Glen Keane and Mark Henn designed the sweet-faced toddler versions of the Disney Princesses in this ever-popular collection.

Disney Store Limited Edition Bell Doll
Disney Store's Limited Edition Princess Dolls are always a classic hit with Guests. Seeing the intricate detail and stunning design in the dolls, it's no surprise that these collectors items are so popular!

Once a princess, always a princess! Disney Store today continues to craft beautiful Disney Princess dolls, from our gorgeous and exquisite Limited Edition Dolls to the ever-popular and adorable Animators’ Collection Dolls. We always have new and exciting dolls to offer every princess-to-be!

Tell me, Buzz readers—do you have a Disney Princess collection? Which is your favorite princess?

2 days to go!




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I have quite a few Disney Princess Dolls including 2 x whole sets of the Animators dolls. I have a page about my doll collection on facebook ... :o)

Mulan has always been my favorite, but I have a collection of all the Disney Princesses. :)

Oh I LOVE the Limited Edition Doll Series. The dresses are always so stunning and the detail is incredibly exquisite. My all time favorite princess is Belle. <3 Although Pocahontas and Rapunzel are next on my list. I am so looking forward to see what Pocahontas will look like as a Limited Edition doll. I can't wait!!

I have 6 sing princess dolls ariel, two jasmines respunzel , pocahontas tiana i want get snow white, cinderllra and belle i am getting my 1 limted doll respunzel in wedding dress. i hope make pocahontas limted dolls i would love get her her. my favorite princess are pocahontas, ariel, belle jasmine snow white and now respunzel. like tianna to me bring black girl so glad disney did princess in my race. thank you disney.

I'm a massive princess fan, but my collection is focused on Ariel (which is why I was SO excited when I won the Animator Doll contest that you sent me Ariel)! My favorite Ariel pieces have to be the 35mm original trailer roll of film from '89, my dinglehopper from the Little Mermaid broadway show, and my full set of the 1990's Ariel trading cards.

My most prized princess piece though is hands down my personal photo and note from Mary Costa- the voice of Aurora. She lives about 2 hours from my home down and friends with my cousin. They were wanting to have her sing at my wedding as a surprise! But because of her age, it's hard for her to get out. She wrote this gorgeous note to my husband and I on a Sleeping Beauty print as a wedding gift. I was in tears when I opened it!

My sister has collected all the Disney Princess dolls.I am amazed at the quality and detail of these beautiful dolls. I must say that Belle is my favorite!

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