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Announcing our Disney Store Twitter Giveaway Winner and Recapping the 25th!

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 29, 2012 11:00 AM

Phew! We are completely tuckered out from all of the 25th Anniversary celebrations! So much fun!

But first, I am very excited to announce the winner of our 25th Anniversary World of Disney Prize Pack sponsored by our Disney Store Twitter! Hearty congratulations to Annie Tennis of Columbus, IN! Annie will be taking home all of the totally awesome 25th Anniversary product below, valued at over $500!

25th Anniversary World of Disney Prize Pack

We hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Disney Store’s 25th Anniversary yesterday! Take a look at our photo recap below of all the festivities. You may even spot a celebrity in there!

Delicious treats for the 25th

Delicious 25th Anniversary-themed treats! Each brownie was stamped with Disney Store's 25th Anniversary logo.

25th Treats

Kelli Berglund in Silver Mickey Ears
Recognize these famous faces? Some of our favorite celebrities joined in on the 25th festivities!

Leah Remini in Silver Mickey Ears

Disney Store Cast Members 1987

Wow! The uniforms of Disney Store Cast Members sure have changed since these blue varsity sweaters!

Disney Store Headquarters 25th Celebration
Disney Store Headquarters celebrated 25 years of Magical Memories!

25th In Store Fun

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate 25 years of creating magical moments and countless smiles. We couldn't have done it without you! 

How many of you visited a Disney Store for the 25th? Tell me your favorite 25th Anniversary moments!




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Love the picture of the cast members with the original costume, except its not from 1987, as they are pictured with Simba plush, which did not come out until 1994.

I hate to quibble, espeically as I've enjoyed this series on the Disney Store 25th Anniversary, but as a Cast Member during that time (and today!) I must point out that the photo cannot be from 1987. Those "varsity" costumes were introduced later (the Glendale Cast initially wore polo shirts with a Disney Store logo); more importantly, the women are sitting in front of "Lion King" plush, a film that did not come out until 1994! If you would like some photos from 1987, I can provide them (although they are of the South Coast Plaza store, not Glendale).

My best moments during the past twenty five at the Disney Store all took place at the Disney Store at the Annapolis Mall in Annapolis, MD. Debbie was the manager, with Maria and Carolyn as her assistants they made it a place where everybody knew your name. My best day was the day I won a special DVD copy of Toy Story 3 and a Mickey Mouse Beach Towel. The saddest day was June 23, 2011 when Disney closed the Store along with all the other small stores around the country. No other store can take it's place in my heart.

Aren't they costumes, not uniforms?

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