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CARS Chase Editions Available NOW!

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Apr 23, 2012 11:54 AM

Last week we introduced the new CARS die cast Chase program, where your favorite CARS characters will be featured with never-before-seen paint finishes. Today, the first two featured Limited Availability Die Cast Chasers, Metallic Francesco and Lightning Mater, are now available in store and online!

Francesco & Lightning Mater Available Online Now!
Head over to to find complete details about our die cast Chase Editions and to order your Metallic Francesco and Lightning Mater! Not only are the paint finishes totally awesome, but each die cast is only $6.50, and two for $12. That’s a deal you don’t want to miss out on!

We’ll be featuring sneak peeks of upcoming die cast Chase Editions right here on The Buzz, so keep an eye out for the next set of Chasers rolling into Disney Stores and in May.

What design themes would you like to see next? Let’s hear those creative ideas!




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How many of each "CHASE" car will actually be sold in store? Is there a way to have emails sent to us to let us know when a new one comes out so we can get them online....I do not have a Disney Store within two hours of me :-(

What designs would I like to see?

I'm looking for "Ivan Mater" (dark blue with moustache),

also [Tin] "Lizzie" with her husband's statue

and how about red "Leland Turbo"?

The Pizza Planet truck--since it makes an appearance in so many Pixar films

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