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Vote Now! Design By Me Contest

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Apr 26, 2012 11:29 AM

It's time to cast your vote!

If you haven't heard, Disney Store is currently promoting an awesome contest called Design By Me, where Disney fans everywhere were called to submit an original tee shirt design featuring the one and only Mickey Mouse

Design By Me Contest
The submissions were all immensely creative and impressive, and Disney has now selected the top five designs, featured below.

Design #1

Design by Michelle M. of Brooklyn, New York.

Design #2

Design by Chris T. of Athens, Georgia.
Design #3

Design by Ashley M. of Monroe Township, New Jersey.
Design #4

Design by Jasmine C. of Port Washington, New York.

Design #5

Design by Christy W. of Harrison City, Pennsylvania.

Now, we need YOUR help!

Head over to our Disney Store Facebook Page to VOTE for your favorite design. The design with the most votes by May 2, 2012 will be produced on an official Disney Store tee shirt! How awesome is that?! You can cast your vote once a day, so be sure to rally for your favorite design.


And now for some answers to our Disney Princess wish quiz! Let's see how well you did:

1. This Princess with the golden tresses had a dream of seeing the glowing lanterns gleam.

Who is Rapunzel?

2. This strong-willed Princess with the striped best friend wishes run away from home rather than marry the snobbish princes her father suggests. 

Who is Jasmine

3. This intelligent Princess wishes to read books and live a life beyond her small French village. 

Who is Belle?

4. This Princess with the evil stepsisters wishes to attend the royal ball. 

Who is Cinderella?

5. This warrior Princess wishes to take her elderly father’s place in the imperial army to protect him from danger. 

Who is Mulan?



Thanks for reading, everyone! I'll be posting another Glendale Galleria Disney Store update soon so keep an eye out.





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There are some very creative people out there.
I love the T shirt designs they have come up with!

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