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Another CARS Die Cast Chasers Sneak Peek!

By Official Disney Store Blogger, May 07, 2012 12:30 PM

Put the key in the ignition, Buzz readers, and get ready for another CARS sneak peek!

The second installment of Die Cast Chasers is rolling into Disney Stores nationwide in just ONE WEEK! That means two more fresh and exciting pieces to add to your CARS collection!

What’s a Chase edition? These classic die cast CARS characters feature exclusive, creative, never-before-seen paint finishes. You can own the likes of Mater, Lightning McQueen, and other characters with completely unique designs—they’re totally awesome! Race on over to to learn more about these limited availability die cast and get in on the chase!

And now, time to reveal the next two die cast Chasers to enter the race online at and in stores on Monday, May 14th.

Guess who? Guess who?Which CARS characters do you think they are? Any idea what are the paint themes for these two chasers? Make your guesses in the comments section below and then check back next week for the full reveal!

Be sure to stay tuned at The Buzz for all your latest and greatest die cast CARS information!

Here’s to a great week!




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The paint colors on these new cars look just amazing! We have been very happy with the quality of all the cars we have collected. Thanks Disney.

Stealth Finn McMissile

Party Lightning Mcqueen

These Cars are awesome.
And yes they are Stealth Finn, and Party McQueen.

Your work has always been a great source of inspiration for me. I refer you blog to many of my friends as well.
Thanks for sharing knowledge..

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