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Party McQueen and Stealth Finn Have Arrived at Disney Store

By Official Disney Store Blogger, May 14, 2012 12:44 PM

Lightning McQueen and Finn McMissile have rolled into Disney Stores looking quite snazzy with their new paint finishes! These two take their place as today’s featured Limited Availability Die Cast Chasers and are now available in store and online.

Party Wheels McQueen is sporting new rims and tires as well as a metal flake paint job, while Stealth Finn McMissile features a matte black paint scheme, devised for his stealth missions as a top spy.

Stealth McMissile & Party Wheels McQueen

Also hitting Disney Stores and today are two more single die casts, Kabuki Mater and John Lassitire. Check out the awesome designs below!

Kabuki Mater John LassitireHead over to to find complete details about our die cast Chase Editions and to order your own Party Wheels McQueen and Stealth Finn. And don’t forget about Kabuki Mater and John Lassitire! Not only are the paint finishes one-of-a-kind, but each die cast is only $6.50, and two for $12. What a steal!

Keep tabs at The Buzz for the latest and greatest information about the new die cast Chase Editions and for all your CARS product details.

Any guesses as to future design themes we’ll be seeing with the CARS die casts? I’m hoping for some international flair!




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Have them all. Can't wait for the new ones to come out.
International ones would be great.

how can i get special emails alerting me of the chase edition cars coming out. I know they come out each month but not exactly when. Is there any particular mailing list I could join?. If you could point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it. My kid is a huge cars fan and these would go nicely with his entire collection.

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