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Vinylmation Teaser! Something Smells Salty and Sweet...

By Official Disney Store Blogger, May 30, 2012 2:45 PM

Greetings, Buzz readers!

Something smells good over at Disney Store... and it's coming from a new Vinylmation series. Any idea which scents are wafting around our offices?

Make your guesses in the comments section below and check back tomorrow for the full reveal plus an exclusive Buzz video!

Mystery Scents at Disney Store
What scents do we have here...?

In the meantime, head over to to check out all our other awesome series out now!



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vinylmation so tasty

Ice cream
Pepper mint
Grape soda
I feel confident about one of these choices :)

Butter pop corn, grape soda, and waffles? hah i not sure on the last one. but i hope they don't sell out before i can get one!

fresh popcorn, mint choclate chip ice cream, grape soda, sour frozen lemonade, bacon cheeseburger, and a root beer float

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