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Stealth Mater is on a Mission!

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Jul 26, 2012 9:15 AM

Everyone's favorite snaggled-toothed tow truck is on the move! In just four days Disney Store is releasing the newest CARS die cast Chase Edition - the sleek, shiny, but ever-silly Stealth Mater.

Complete with matte black paint scheme and goofy grin, Stealth Mater is equipped for any high-security, top-secret mission! With his vast knowledge of automotive parts and engines and title as the (self-proclaimed) world's best backwards driver, Mater is sure to save the day.  

This super sleek Mater takes his place as this month's featured Limited Availability Die Cast Chaser.

Stealth Mater Stealth MaterWhat’s a Chase edition? These classic die cast CARS characters feature exclusive, creative, never-before-seen paint finishes. You can own the likes of MaterLightning McQueen, and other characters with completely unique designs—they’re totally awesome! Race on over to to learn more about these limited availability die cast and get in on the chase!

Be sure to look for Stealth Mater, available online at and in stores starting July 30th, and check out all our other high-speed CARS gear rolling into Disney Store this fall!

Mater's Philosophy

Mater's philosophy to be inspired by today:
"Don't need to know where I'm going, just need to know where I've been."



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