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Disney Villains Designer Collection Announcement

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Aug 07, 2012 11:40 AM

To our valued Guests,

Limited to just 13,000 of each doll worldwide, the Disney Villains Designer Collection will be released one per week, in stores on Monday beginning September 10 and online on Tuesdays beginning September 11.

Because we anticipate a devilishly high demand for the Disney Villains Designer Collection dolls, each participating Disney Store location will select Guests at random who will be able to purchase a doll.

For further information about how this process will work as well as a complete list of participating stores, please click here




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Oh I love it!!

So excited Disney is doing this. My daughter will be so happy. She has the prince and princess now she can have the villians to. Great idea!

I can't wait!

I've never wanted dolls so much in my life!!!! I'm SOOOO EXCITED!! AHHHH!!!!! This line is FANTASTIC!!!!! I want it all. I LOVE THE VILLAINS!!!

Would love a Captain Hook doll! Need to make the male villians as well. Looking forward to Curella!

I CAN'T WAIT!!! Love it !!!

Awesome would be nice if Disney would have released dolls for *all* of their major Villainnesses; they're missing Lady Tremaine, Madam Mim, Madame Medusa, and Yzma. :)

Love the Evil Queen! Old Style Hollywood Glamour look ~ How ENCHANTING!

I secured the whole set when they went on pre-order! Woo-hoo!! Can't wait to get them all!

They are also missing the Evil Godmother, one of the originals. Now THAT's one I would have loved to have (aside from Malificent of course).

Oh Holly Mother!!! I can't wait for get to me and my little doughter.

Disney came out with 10 Designer Princess Dolls, we also need 10 Designer Villain Dolls as well (your giving us “Maleficent, Evil Queen, Queen of Hearts, Ursula, Mother Gothel, & Cruella de Vil” 6 doll (Which is amazing, awesome, & wonderful all together!!!!) but to complete it we need 4 more – I think we need. (Lady Tremaine, Madam Mim, Madame Medusa & Yzma) if they add these 4 to the already 6 they have we would have a complete set!

I cant wait.... yes i agree there should be one of the Evil Stepmother...

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