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D23 Members Meet the Muppets at Disney Store Times Square

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Nov 28, 2012 9:00 AM

Members of D23, The Official Disney Fan Club, get a lot of cool opportunities, but we'd be hard-pressed to think of one more inspirational and celebrational than meeting the Muppets in-person at Disney Store Times Square.

Yesterday, almost 100 D23 members gathered to meet the legendary Kermit the Frog, and the always entertaining Pepe the King Prawn at an exclusive, private event. They got the chance to preview the Muppets' new video featuring Cee Lo Green, "All I Need Is Love," compete in a Muppet trivia contest to win Muppet-ational prizes, and ask Kermit and Pepe all the questions they could think of.

Waiting for the Muppets
Waiting for the Muppets...


Applause for the Muppets
Applause! Applause!



Asking Kermit and Pepe a question
Tim Young asks Kermit and Pepe a question.



Couple with Kermit and Pepe
Rebecca McBride and Marty Allen pose for a picture.


If you could ask the Muppets a question, what would it be?



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