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Flashback Friday: Steamboat Willie

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Nov 16, 2012 3:18 PM

November 18, 1928, Steamboat Willie premiered at the Colony Theater in New York City, so naturally this Flashback Friday we're celebrating the anniversary of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse being introduced to the world!

Here's what Mickey and Minnie looked like in Steamboat Willie...

Steamboat Willie

... And here's how they look today!

                    Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse

Mickey and Minnie have stood the test of time, and they're always a classic choice for your home, wardrobe, or toy box. Just take a look at all the great Mickey and Minnie products on!

                    Best of Mickey Mouse Cookie Jar Minnie Mouse Hairclips Mickey Mouse Plush Minnie Mouse Tee for Women

To close out this Flashback Friday, here's some cool trivia to impress your friends with: what were the first words ever spoken by Mickey Mouse? "Hot dogs!"



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