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Introducing the Disney Fairytale Designer Collection

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Aug 01, 2013 1:00 AM




Designed and beautifully crafted to capture the essence of “happily ever after” at its best, Disney Store’s Fairytale Designer Collection celebrates five iconic Disney Princesses and their leading men who, together, magically create a one-of-a-kind Collection that will be treasured keepsakes of collectors, Disney fans, and every princess and prince at heart!


Carefully crafted by artists inspired by Disney's true heritage of the fairytale, beginning with the 1937 classic “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” the Disney Fairytale Designer Collection is anchored by five Limited Edition Doll Sets. Celebrating the magical moment when these cherished couples fall in love, the five Disney Princesses and their beaus have been re-imagined in exquisite detail, capturing the essence of the fairytale couple.

Introducing the Disney Fairytale Designer Collection dolls…


BELLE-2-cropped   JASMINE-2-cropped  RAPUNZEL-2

The Disney Fairytale Designer Limited Edition Doll Sets include Snow White and the Prince; Rapunzel and Flynn Rider; Jasmine and Aladdin; Belle and the Beast; and Ariel and Eric, all brought to life with careful attention. Featuring stunning details, such as satin gowns with subtle ornate prints, embroidered bodices, golden buttons and rhinestone accents, each set is presented in a special keepsake display case with intricate details on the base, including a golden plate with the name of the specific Disney Princess and her partner. Each doll measures 11.5”.

Limited to an edition of 6,000 of each of the five couples globally, each Doll Set retails for $129.95 US/$139.95 CAN and £100/€120 UK/EURO, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Beginning August 20, a new couple will be available for purchase every two weeks. See below for specific release dates. The dolls will be available in select Disney Store locations in North America and Europe, and online at,, and Check your local Disney Store for availability.

Additionally, for North America only, an online-exclusive set including ALL five couples will be available for pre-order on Monday, August 12, for $649.75. This will be the ONLY opportunity to guarantee a purchase of all five couples. The entire set will be delivered on or shortly after October 15.


Designer Fairytale Doll Collection Release Dates

Snow White Designer Doll Set, available in Stores August 20 and online August 21

Tangled Designer Doll Set, available in Stores September 3 and online September 4

Aladdin Designer Doll Set, available in Stores September 17 and online September 18

Beauty and the Beast Designer Doll Set, available in Stores October 1 and online October 2

The Little Mermaid Designer Doll Set, available in Stores October 15 and online October 16

Be sure to bookmark this post – any future updates on the dolls will be posted here!

“The Disney Fairytale Designer Collection was brought to life by researching our Disney history to come up with the key moments in the fairytales that we’re featuring,” said Nomi Vela, director of design at Disney Store. “We start out with sketches that capture the moments, and then our designers create what these characters would look like if they came to life, capturing every detail like the velvet embroidery on a dress or the stitching on a vest. This is all done by designers and sculptures that love Disney and you can really see that come across in their work.”  

The Disney Fairytale Designer Collection also features exquisite accessories, apparel and home and décor items, available online August 12 and August 19 in select stores – everything you need to complete your “happily ever after” style.

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To see behind-the-scene details on how Disney Store brings products from sketch to shelf, including the Designer Fairytale Collection and a few other Collections that will debut at the upcoming D23 Expo in Anaheim, Calif., check out this video from our friends at Disney Geek!




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I love the Belle Shirt will it be coming in Plus Sizes as well as regular sizes

Wow! These are gorgeous! Can't wait to see all the other accessories too!

You don't know how ready I am for this.

Ooooh, can't wait till the whole collection arrives. So pretty!

I LOVE Belle & Beast and the Belle shirt too! :) I'm so excited! <3

ok, when these release online, what time do they release? do I need to request the tuesday nights off so that I can wait on the website and get it at midnight EASTERN?? (I'm a west coast guy and thats only 9pm here) Also, how many (approx) will the website have? I'm most excited for Rapunzel and Belle. but the only one I for sure won't get is Snow White

Thanks for your question, Tyler. Please email and a Cast Member is happy to help!

MUST HAVE!!!!!! I'm so glad disney is releasing more designer dolls, I was so heart broken last time when I wasn't able to get a princess!

To bad that the online-exclusive set including all five couples will be available only for North-America.

But, this is a great series! I hope you'll make Aurora/Philip, Cinderella/Prince Charming, Pocahontas/John Smith, Mulan/Shang and Tiana/Naveen as well, to complete the collection.

Couples from Hercules and Frozen would also be cool!

I love them all

If you were to d more of this series, you could even do Elinor and Fergus in honor of brave -- they're one of my favorite couples!

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