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Announcing our Disney Store Twitter Giveaway Winner and Recapping the 25th!

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 29, 2012 11:00 AM

Phew! We are completely tuckered out from all of the 25th Anniversary celebrations! So much fun!

But first, I am very excited to announce the winner of our 25th Anniversary World of Disney Prize Pack sponsored by our Disney Store Twitter! Hearty congratulations to Annie Tennis of Columbus, IN! Annie will be taking home all of the totally awesome 25th Anniversary product below, valued at over $500!

25th Anniversary World of Disney Prize Pack

We hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating Disney Store’s 25th Anniversary yesterday! Take a look at our photo recap below of all the festivities. You may even spot a celebrity in there!

Delicious treats for the 25th

Delicious 25th Anniversary-themed treats! Each brownie was stamped with Disney Store's 25th Anniversary logo.

25th Treats

Kelli Berglund in Silver Mickey Ears
Recognize these famous faces? Some of our favorite celebrities joined in on the 25th festivities!

Leah Remini in Silver Mickey Ears

Disney Store Cast Members 1987

Wow! The uniforms of Disney Store Cast Members sure have changed since these blue varsity sweaters!

Disney Store Headquarters 25th Celebration
Disney Store Headquarters celebrated 25 years of Magical Memories!

25th In Store Fun

Many, many thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate 25 years of creating magical moments and countless smiles. We couldn't have done it without you! 

How many of you visited a Disney Store for the 25th? Tell me your favorite 25th Anniversary moments!


25th Anniversary Celebrations at Disney Store Headquarters

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 28, 2012 4:32 PM

Celebrating the 25th at Disney Store Headquarters


25% Off for the 25th


By Official Disney Store Blogger,

Thank You for 25 Magical Years!
Don’t forget to head out to your local Disney Store for all the festivities! There are super fun events happening all day in Disney Stores!

Remember, the first 250 Guests to visit each Disney Store location nationwide will receive a FREE pair of silver commemorative Mickey Mouse Ears!

And for today only, enjoy 25% off your entire purchase happening in-store and online! Use special promotion code HAPPY25 or click ­here to print out your coupon!

Be sure to tweet your photos of the 25th Anniversary celebrations to us @DisneyStore and use hashtag #magical25. We want to see pictures of you and your friends and family in those awesome silver Mickey Ears and in stores nationwide!


Happy 25th!

Happy 25th Anniversary, from The Buzz!

25th Anniversary, Day 1: Complete Celebration Details

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 27, 2012 10:15 AM

Tomorrow is the big day! It’s Disney Store’s 25th Anniversary!!

Disney Store's 25th Anniversary!
The day is sure to be chalk full of excitement, fun, and festivities as Disney Stores across the nation are hosting a complete day of activities for the whole family!

Some of the awesome things to look for tomorrow:

First 250 Guests to visit each Disney Store location nationwide will receive a FREE pair of exclusive Silver Mickey Ears!

25th Mickey Ears
Join the 25th Anniversary celebration! Enjoy 25% off your entire purchase on March 28th ONLY!

25% Off for the 25th!
All-day events happening in Disney Stores across the nation! Fun for the whole family!

All-day Activities!
Don’t forget to wear your Disney Store party hats!

Disney Store Party Hats!

These events are available at most Disney Stores nationwide, but be sure to call your local Disney Store to confirm participation and event scheduling beforehand. And take note that all in-store events are subject to change. Use our Disney Store Locator to find a Disney Store near you.

Purchase the 25th Anniversary Special Edition Resin Mickey Vinylmation! This exclusive figurine is unique in that no two pieces are exactly alike!

25th Anniversary Resin Mickey Vinylmation

We are so excited!! Are you?? What are you most looking forward to tomorrow?



25th Anniversary, Day 2: Stickers, Stories, and Smiles!

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 26, 2012 10:30 AM

It’s the start of an exciting week for Disney Store! Our 25th Anniversary is just around the corner!

This past weekend was our final Saturday 25th Anniversary event, Stickermania & Storytelling, and what a success it was! You all proved that you have quite the imaginations, creating unique Disney Store party stories and decorating them with stickers of our favorite Disney characters. Disney Stores everywhere were bursting with creativity! Take a look at the action below!

Stickermania & Storytelling
Stickermania & Storytelling
Stickermania & Storytelling

Stickermania & Storytelling

Stickermania & Storytelling
We have finally arrived at the home stretch our 25 Days of Disney Store Magic countdown, and we couldn’t be more excited for our 25th Anniversary Celebration extravaganza! Be sure to check back at The Buzz tomorrow for complete details on the festivities happening on March 28th-- you definitely won’t want to miss out on all the fun!

25th Confetti1 more day to go!


25th Anniversary, Day 3: Disney Princess Dolls Past & Present

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 25, 2012 9:00 AM

Happy Sunday, Buzz Readers!

There is not a group more sweet, elegant, intelligent, kind, loving, and charming as the lovely Disney Princesses! From the curious Ariel, to the brave Mulan, the Disney Princesses have always proven to carry themselves with grace and poise. It is no wonder we love them all so much!

Disney's Lovely PrincessesDisney Store has always loved its princesses, featuring them in a number of products. It is our dolls, however, that will take the spotlight in today’s post! The lovely Disney princesses have remained iconic in their appearances since they first appeared in the classic animated films. But their doll designs have definitely changed to reflect the times! 

Take a look below at the different dolls that have appeared in Disney Stores. See if you can spot any that you have!

Disney Store Singing Dolls Snow White
Hold the hand of our singing Disney Princess Dolls and hear the original voice from the classic animated Disney films sing their signature songs!

Disney Animators' Collection Toddler Dolls

Legendary Disney Animators Glen Keane and Mark Henn designed the sweet-faced toddler versions of the Disney Princesses in this ever-popular collection.

Disney Store Limited Edition Bell Doll
Disney Store's Limited Edition Princess Dolls are always a classic hit with Guests. Seeing the intricate detail and stunning design in the dolls, it's no surprise that these collectors items are so popular!

Once a princess, always a princess! Disney Store today continues to craft beautiful Disney Princess dolls, from our gorgeous and exquisite Limited Edition Dolls to the ever-popular and adorable Animators’ Collection Dolls. We always have new and exciting dolls to offer every princess-to-be!

Tell me, Buzz readers—do you have a Disney Princess collection? Which is your favorite princess?

2 days to go!


25th Anniversary, Day 4: Retro Rewind! 1987 Disney Commercial Campaign

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 24, 2012 9:00 AM

Imagine—your team has just won one of the biggest sports games in the world, the Super Bowl. Amidst all the chaos and excitement, someone asks you, “You’ve just won the Super Bowl, what are you going to do next?!”

So… what would you do next??

For many, the answer has been an easy one—they would go to Disneyland and Disney World! In fact, athletes and celebrities have been exclaiming this for decades. Today, this slogan has manifested itself a series of commercials featuring a whole range of famous faces. But how did it all begin?

Past Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, claims in his 1998 memoir Work in Progress that his wife, Jane, is to be credited with the idea for the campaign. In a dinner celebrating the 1987 grand opening of Star Tours with pilots Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeagar, the first pilots to fly around the world without stopping or refueling, Jane Eisner asked the pair what they planned to do next. The reply she received was, “Well, we’re going to Disneyland.”

1987 Star Tours Opening
1987 Star Tours grand opening in Disneyland, around the time when Jane Eisner heard the iconic phrase that would become a Disney commercial campaign.

The phrase stuck, and weeks later Disney premiered their first commercial featuring the infamous line. Featuring New York Giants quarterback Phil Simms, the commercial recaps the moments after the Giants had just clenched a victory over the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XXI. In all the excitement, a voice asks Phil what he is doing next, and he replies with the phrase first uttered by Dick Rutan and Jeana Yeagar, “I’m going to Disney World!”

 Take a look at some examples of the advertising campaign launched by Disney, starting with Phil Simms in 1987 and even featuring American Idol winner David Cook!





Drew Brees Disney Parade
Drew Brees riding in the Disney World Parade after winning the Super Bowl, a new tradition for Super Bowl MVPs.

Today, this iconic phrase is used in a number of films, television shows, and live interviews. You may have heard it in an episode of Full House when Stephanie wins a slot machine jackpot, in the movie Con Air, or even referenced in Disney’s very own Aladdin in the scene when the Genie asks Aladdin, “You’ve just won the heart of the princess! What are you going to do next?” And for good reason! It’s hard to imagine a better place to celebrate than the happiest place on earth!

Genie and Aladdin
"You've just won the heart of the princess! What are you going to do next?"

Have any of you heard someone utter this famous phrase? Or have you heard it used in a famous movie or on television? Even better, have you said it yourself?

3 days to go!


25th Anniversary, Day 5: Flashback Friday! Newly-Designed Disney Stores

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 23, 2012 10:30 AM

Over the past 25 years of its history, Disney Stores in North America have received quite a number of makeovers! From our initial “film strip” design to our current Imagination Park design, Disney Stores have undergone quite the transformation since 1987. Take a visual journey through our history of store designs below and see how the pixie dust has worked its magic over the years!

Disney Store Design Timeline

Disney Magic!Let’s take a look now at some of the features of our newly-designed interactive stores that are set to deliver “the best 30 minutes of a child’s day”!

Unlock Imagination!

A unique opening ceremony takes place every single day at every new Disney Store. One lucky child is chosen each day to take part in the opening ceremony and officially “Unlock Imagination” at Disney Store with an oversized lock and key.

Unlock Imagination!

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

The Pixie Dust Trail is purposefully colored blue to indicate that there is something magical about to happen along the path. Storytelling “neighborhoods” are on either side of the Pixie path tempting you off your journey.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall…

Welcome to the Disney Princess neighborhood! Here Guests can enter our Disney Princess Castle and encounter the magic mirror. With the wave of a wand, the princess will appear in the mirror allowing the child to become a part of the story.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall...
There’s Magic in the Trees!

Disney Store’s signature “magical trees” not only give our Store a unique identity, they help create the mood of the Store and play a role in the storytelling.  The magical trees will change with the four seasons, play a part in a one of our celebrations with fireworks in the trees or show animation from your favorite Disney films and shows!

There's Magic in the Trees!
Look to the Sky

Each newly designed Disney Store has a custom skyline which incorporates Disney storytelling moments and iconic elements with landmarks unique to the store’s location..

Look to the Sky
Lights, Camera, Action!

Continuing down to the end of the Pixie Dust Trail, Guests will finally arrive at the Disney Store Theatre. Disney Store Theatre is a giant video library containing Disney film trailers, film clips, music videos, classic animation and more. The Disney Store Theatre is also the place where Disney Store hosts family activities and events such as Disney character drawing workshops, storytelling experiences, trivia events, and more.

Lights, Camera, Action!
What a transformation! Disney Stores have certainly changed quite a bit in design, but there’s one thing that has stayed the same all these years… and that is the Disney magic!

So how about it, Buzz readers? What’s your favorite part about the newly-designed Disney Stores? I was awestruck by the magical trees when I first saw them- they are amazing!

4 days to go!



25th Anniversary, Day 6: Disney Store Stickermania & Storytelling Event

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 22, 2012 9:00 AM

Oh dear! Just like Winnie the Pooh and his hunny jar, I seem to be “stuck” on something, too!

Winne the Pooh Hunny Jar
It seems that my mind has been caught thinking about our LAST Saturday 25th Anniversary celebration event, happening this weekend! On Saturday, March 24 from 10:30am to 1:00pm Disney Stores are hosting the Stickermania & Storytelling Event. Young Guests will get the chance to create their very own Disney Store party story using some awesome stickers of your very favorite Disney characters!  It’s time to use those imaginations and get creative with the whole family!

Disney Store Stickermania & Storytelling
These events are available at most Disney Stores nationwide, but be sure to call your local Disney Store to confirm participation and event scheduling beforehand. And take note that all in-store events are subject to change. Use our Disney Store Locator to find a Disney Store near you.

Disney Magic!

Ready to write your own Disney story, Buzz readers? If you could create your own Disney character, who would it be?

5 days to go!


25th Anniversary, Day 7: Win a World of Disney Prize Pack

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 21, 2012 9:00 AM

It’s Wednesday, which can only mean one thing…

...ANOTHER chance to win some awesome products sponsored by our Disney Store Twitter!

Follow Disney Store on Twitter!
This week’s giveaway is an exclusive 25th Anniversary World of Disney Prize Pack. One of our BIGGEST prize packs yet, the World of Disney giveaway is a fabulous assortment of 25th Anniversary product that values over $500! Just check out all the amazing items below!

25th Confetti

25th Anniversary World of Disney Prize Pack
1. Mickey Mouse Plush -- 18" H
2. 25th Anniversary Mickey Mouse Tee for Men
3. 25th Anniversary Minnie Mouse Tee for Women
4. 25th Anniversary World of Disney Tee for Boys
5. 25th Anniversary World of Disney Tee for Girls
6. 25th Anniversary Minnie and Mickey Photo Frame
7. Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Lighted Mickey Mouse Figurine
8. Aluminum 25th Anniversary World of Disney Water Bottle
9. 25th Anniversary World of Disney Journal
10. 25th Anniversary World of Disney Pen
11. Reusable 25th Anniversary World of Disney Tote
12. 25th Anniversary World of Disney Vintage Radio Snowglobe
13. 25th Anniversary Minnie and Mickey Mouse Figurine
14. 25th Anniversary Classic Tinker Bell Photo Frame
15. Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Tinker Bell Figurine
16. 25th Anniversary Classic Tinker Bell Snowglobe
17. Limited Edition 25th Anniversary Tinker Bell Trinket Box
18. Aluminum 25th Anniversary Tinker Bell Water Bottle
19. 25th Anniversary Light Up Sorcerer Mickey Vinylmation

25th Confetti
For your chance to win, head over to our official Disney Store Twitter, @DisneyStore and be sure to follow us and re-tweet the World of Disney Prize Pack tweet! You can find the rules for our sweepstakes here.

Check out to see our complete 25th Anniversary Collection! From the stunning silver Minnie and Mickey Mouse photo frame to the eco-friendly reusable water bottle, there is something for everyone in the whole family!

We’re so close to celebrating our 25th Anniversary! What is your favorite Disney moment? Meeting a character at Disneyland? Your first Disney Princess gown? Tell us!

6 days to go!


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