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25th Anniversary, Day 8: The Jim Interview Series Part III

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 20, 2012 10:00 AM

Tuesday has returned, and so has The Jim Interview Series!

Today we have the last installment of our video interviews with quite an important Cast Member. It is with distinct pleasure that I introduce President of Disney Stores, Jim Fielding, as the last feature in our series.

Jim was named president, Disney Stores Worldwide in May 2008. He was integral in creating and implementing a new vision for Disney Stores, the “best 30 minutes of a child’s day,” alongside a new store design and experience. Jim has helped spread and share Disney magic with thousands of Guests globally! 

Jim Fielding, President of Disney Stores Worldwide
Jim Fielding, President of Disney Stores Worldwide.

Newly-Designed Disney Store
The magically beautiful interior of newly-designed Disney Stores that Jim helped imagine and create.

Watch the video below and listen to what Jim had to say about why he loves Disney Store, how long he has been with the company, and who his favorite character is!


 Thank you for taking the time to share some wonderful words with us, Jim! You are truly an inspiration to us all and a fantastic leader for Disney Store!

Is your favorite character Jiminy Cricket, too? Check out this absolutely adorable Jiminy Plush and other sweet soft-stuffed pals over at!

7 days to go!


25th Anniversary, Day 9: Trivia Triumphs & Delightful Dancing!

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 19, 2012 1:00 PM

The trivia was tremendous and the dancing was dazzling this past weekend at Disney Stores as Guests came out to try out their Disney knowledge and show off their best dance moves at our Trivia Game & Dance Party event. It was quite the party! Check out the action in the photos below!

Disney Store Trivia Game & Dance Party
Disney Store Trivia Game & Dance Party
Disney Store Trivia Game & Dance Party
Disney Store Trivia Game & Dance Party

Coming up next Saturday is our LAST Saturday 25th Anniversary celebration event until the biggest celebration of all—Disney Store’s 25th Anniversary! Be sure to check out our Stickermania & Storytelling Event, where the fun will definitely “stick” with you and your whole family! Check back at The Buzz later this week for complete details, or visit for information.

These events are available at most Disney Stores nationwide, but be sure to call your local Disney Store to confirm participation and event scheduling beforehand. And take note that all in-store events are subject to change.


So, Buzz readers, I asked you some trivia questions not too long ago… Now share your best trivia questions with me! Write them in the comments section and then I’ll post them in our next Disney Trivia Challenge with your name!

8 days to go!


25th Anniversary, Day 10: Plush Past & Present

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 18, 2012 7:00 AM

Cuddly, soft-stuffed, lovable, adorable… all these words and more perfectly describe the signature plush toys that Disney Stores everywhere always have in store, waiting to be hugged by Guests and taken home. Ever since our founding in 1987, Disney Store has offered plush toys of all your favorite Disney characters, from the squeaky parrot Iago to the ever-gentle Lady ,and 25 years later, we are still proud of our precious plush!

Many of our plush designs have undergone some transformations, much like most of our products. Take a look at some comparisons in the photos below!

Simba & Nala Plush

Simba and Nala Plush from Disney Store present, and circa the 1990s.

Little Mermaid Plush

The Plush Ariel Doll from Disney Store today looks quite different from her past design!

Woody Plush

Sheriff Woody is still protecting the Old West, even over a decade later!

Lady Plush

Miss Lady looks as sweet as ever today with her golden coat and beautiful eyes.

As you can see, Disney Store plush toys are timeless. Can you believe some of those plush toys pictured above are from over 10 years ago?

Today, Disney Stores offer the best, highest-quality selection of plush toys that can be found anywhere! And in our opinion, they are the softest and most cuddly, too! Do any of you own Disney Store Plush, past or present? Which ones are your favorite?

9 days to go!


25th Anniversary, Day 11: Retro Rewind! 1980s Hollywood

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 17, 2012 7:00 AM

Last week we explored the fashion trends of the 80s, traveling back in time to check out the totally rad Ray Bans and high top Converse. Today we’ll take a closer look at the decade of big hair and neon pants, focusing on the year 1987.

Aside from being Disney Store’s inaugural year, 1987 saw the making of a number of movie and music classics, from the highest grossing movie of the year, Three Men and a Baby, to future Disney Channel star Hilary Duff’s birthday on September 28th! Take a look at the photos below to check out some of the awesome events to happen in ’87! Do you remember or recognize any of them?

Kevin Jonas, Hilary Duff, Zac EfronThese three famous celebrities were all born in 1987, and are turning 25 this year! Kevin Jonas, The Jonas Brothers, November 5th
Hilary Duff, Lizzie McGuire, September 28th 
Zac Efron, High School Musical, October 18th 

Moonstruck, Three Men and a Baby, Dirty DancingThe most popular movies of the year 1987- Moonstruck, Three Men and a Baby, and Dirty Dancing.

Greatest Hits of 1987The top hits of the year are still just as popular today! 
Whitney Houston, "I Wanna Dance With Somebody"
Bon Jovi, "Livin' on a Prayer"
Belinda Carlisle, "Heaven is a Place on Earth" 

American Bandstand with Dick ClarkDick Clark's American Bandstand airs for the 2,751st and last time on September 5th on ABC, after 30 years on the network. 

Disney Store was not the only Disney-related event to hit the world in 1987. The hit television series DuckTales premiered on September 18th, the ever-famous attraction Star Tours opened in Disneyland’s Tomorrowland on January 9th, and Captain EO opened in Tokyo Disneyland on March 20th.

Star Tours and Captain EO Tokyo
Arguably the most nostalgic Disney event of 1987 was the 50th birthday celebration of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on July 17th. Snow White’s Golden Anniversary was celebrated far and wide, with almost 4000 movie theaters in more than 60 countries showing Walt Disney’s original animated masterpiece. A television special hosted by Dick Van Dyke was also aired, along with a fantastic stage presentation at Disneyland in which even the Prince made a grand entrance, riding in on a real white horse.

Snow White's Golden Anniversary
Hollywood was sure to recognize this historic milestone, and honored the original Disney Princess Snow White with her very own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame “for her contribution to the film industry.” Take a look at the photos below of Snow White’s star as well as an image from the actual star ceremony on June 28, 1987.

Snow White Receives Her Star
Snow White's star
Snow White’s star is located at 6910 Hollywood Blvd. near Disney's El Capitan Theater.

So how about it, Buzz readers? 1987 really was an awesome year! Be sure to search for Snow White’s star next time you visit Hollywood and take a photo with this testament to the great Walt Disney.

What were you doing in 1987? Share your favorite memory with us in the comments section! 

10 days to go!


Announcing our Disney Store Twitter Giveaway Winner and Trivia Answers!

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 16, 2012 3:42 PM

Happy Friday, Buzz Readers!

Some congratulations are in order for the winner of our Disney Store Twitter giveaway of the Rapunzel Royal Wedding Prize Pack! It my pleasure to announce Stephanie Goldberg of Antioch, TN as the lucky recipient of her very own collection of Disney Store’s new Rapunzel Royal Wedding product. Check out the beautiful items she’ll be taking home below and then head over to to get your very own!

RT2W Rapunzel Wedding Package
And now to reveal the answers to our Disney Trivia questions! If you haven’t taken our trivia quiz yet, stop reading here and scroll down to take the quiz! Then check back to see how well you did!


What is the name of Cinderella’s wicked stepmother?

Answer: Lady Tremaine

According to the song “Gaston,” how many eggs does he eat every morning?

Answer: 5 dozen eggs

In Disney’s Tangled, during the song “I’ve Got a Dream” we find out that Vladimir collects what?

Answer: Ceramic Unicorns

Which ingredient is NOT included in the Evil Queen’s brew to disguise herself as the Witch?

Answer: Heart of Vulture

What does the busy beaver who frees Lady from her harness use the harness as?

Answer: A log puller

According to Pocahontas, how do the people of her tribe say “hello”?

Answer: Wingapo


Disney Trivia Answers!
How many did you get correct? Want to put your Disney knowledge to the test again? Check out our Trivia Game & Dance Party event, happening this Saturday!


25th Anniversary, Day 12: Flashback Friday! Disney Stores International

By Official Disney Store Blogger,

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away… there was a beautiful fortress built with Disney magic, containing the most whimsical Disney products for all the people in the land…

And so begins today’s Flashback Friday! A heart-warming tale of how Disney Store traveled outside of the United States to bring Disney magic to Guests across the globe!

Once Upon a Time
Our story begins on March 28, 1987 when the very first Disney Store opened its doors in Glendale, California, inviting people to be our Guest and put our service to the test! This store was the realization of Disney Cast Members’ dream to bring Disney magic to Guests through exclusive Disney merchandise. But their dream did not stop there. They wanted to bring this magic to Guests everywhere, across the world!

First Disney Store in Glendale

The very first Disney Store in Glendale, CA circa 1987!

Three years later, on November 1, 1990, Guests in the United Kingdom welcomed their first Disney Store in London. Disney Store’s magic had finally traveled overseas, but its journey was far from over! Two short years later, the first Disney Store opened in Japan, making its new home in Yokohama on August 21, 1992.

Original Yokohama Disney Store

Yokohama's first Disney Store with the original exterior design.

Original Disney Store Madrid

An exterior photo of the Disney Store in Madrid, Spain!

In the next several years, the Disney magic would continue to spread across the world as Disney Stores were founded in Canada, Denmark, Ireland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, and Belgium—over 10 countries! Cast Members were working hard to ensure that high-quality, exclusive Disney merchandise was available to Guests all over the globe. But again, Cast Members wanted to improve the Disney Store experience and make it just that—a complete Disney experience outside our Disney theme parks!

In 2010, Disney Store would begin the exciting transformation of its locations into the newly-designed Imagination Parks, and the Disney magic overseas would be reignited with an innovative and interactive store model. Check out the photos below of the newly-designed Disney Stores in Oxford, England and Sendai, Japan! Thousands of Guests shared in the excitement of the Sendai store’s grand opening in December 2011—it was quite the event!

Disney Store Opening in Sendai

Thousands of excited Guests were present for the grand opening of our Sendai Disney Store!

Disney Store in England

The gorgeous exterior of the newly-designed Disney Store on Oxford Street in London.

Interior Disney Store England

Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse are dressed up as the Queen's Guard!

Here at Disney Store we take great pride in bringing the magic of Disney to families around the world through interactive Disney Store experiences. As we continue to bring new stores to all corners of the globe, we have come to learn that sharing Disney magic really makes it…

A Small World After All

Have you ever visited one of our international Disney Stores? Which one? Tell us!

11 days to go!


25th Anniversary, Day 13: Disney Store Trivia Game & Dance Party Event

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 15, 2012 9:00 AM

Think you’re a whiz when it comes to Disney-related trivia? Have some awesome dance moves and love to boogie?

Then our Trivia Game & Dance Party Event is where you need to be this Saturday, March 17, happening at 10:30am, 11:30am and 12:30pm. Young Guests will get the chance to test their Disney knowledge and play fun dance games to their favorite Disney songs! Even better yet, all participants will receive a super awesome prize! Disney trivia, dancing, and a prize? You can’t get much better than that!

Trivia Game & Dance Party
These events are available at most Disney Stores nationwide, but be sure to call your local Disney Store to confirm participation and event scheduling beforehand. And take note that all in-store events are subject to change. Use our Disney Store Locator to find a Disney Store near you.


In preparation for Saturday’s test of your Disney knowledge, below are some trivia questions about our favorite Disney characters. Let’s see how well you can do!

Disney Trivia!
Check back tomorrow for the answers and for an all-new Flashback Friday!

12 days to go!



25th Anniversary, Day 14: Win a Rapunzel Royal Wedding Pack

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 14, 2012 11:39 AM

As we continue our countdown to the 25th Anniversary, we wanted to share with you a chance to win a fairytale prize package of our new Rapunzel Royal Wedding collection from our very own Disney Store Twitter!

Follow Disney Store on Twitter!
For your chance to win, head over to our official Disney Store Twitter, @DisneyStore and be sure to follow us and re-tweet the Rapunzel Royal Wedding Prize Pack tweet! You can find the rules for our sweepstakes here.  

Rapunzel Royal Wedding Prize Package
Check out all the gorgeous pieces included in the Rapunzel Royal Wedding prize pack over at! From the stunning and intricately detailed wedding gown and glittering veil, to the perfectly pretty Princess Rapunzel Doll, our Rapunzel Wedding Collection is a must for every princess-to-be!

Tangled Characters
Be sure to keep tabs at The Buzz for another chance to win big next Wednesday, and for other exclusive 25th Anniversary posts coming each and every day!

What is your favorite scene from Tangled? I love when Rapunzel leaves her tower for the first time. She’s absolutely adorable in her excitement!

13 days to go!


25th Anniversary, Day 15: The Jim Interview Series Part II

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 13, 2012 9:12 AM

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means…

We have our second video interview in The Jim Interview Series! Today I have the pleasure of featuring Jim Valeri, the Senior Manager of Design here at Disney Store.

Jim Valeri
Jim Valeri, Senior Manager of Design for Disney Store North America.

Jim received a degree in illustration from Cal State Northridge and began his career at Disney as an intern in 1994. Now, eighteen years later, Jim is still with the company creating and designing for Disney Store. He has worked on a whole range of projects, from the Robots Vinylmation Series to most recently the beautiful 25th Anniversary artwork gracing Disney Stores nationwide. Art is a huge part of Jim’s life, so being able to work in the creative environment of Disney Store allows him to bring characters to life with his work each and every day.

Take a listen at what Jim had to say about his role at Disney Store, why he loves what he does, and some cool inside information about the new exclusive 25th Anniversary Vinylmation figure!


Jim's 25th Anniversary Artwork

Jim designed the amazing 25th Anniversary artwork for Disney Store!

Thank you for taking the time to share your stories with us, Jim! Keep up the amazing work for Disney Store- we love it!

Have you checked out Jim’s artwork for our 25th Anniversary collection? Head over to now to take a look!

14 days to go!



25th Anniversary, Day 16: Party Hat Perfection!

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Mar 12, 2012 10:30 AM

Happy Monday, Buzz readers!

The weekend was a successful one as Guests in Disney Stores across the nation made fantastically festive party hats to celebrate our 25th Anniversary. Donned with Mickey’s iconic ears, the party hats each received their own unique design as Guests used stickers of the 25th Anniversary character artwork to add a festive spark to their hats. We have some photos of the action from this past Saturday- take a look below!

Craft Celebration Event at Disney Store!
Disney Store Craft Celebration
Disney Store Craft Celebration
Disney Store Craft Celebration
Disney Store Craft Celebration
Coming up next Saturday is our third 25th Anniversary celebration event, Trivia Game & Dance Party. It’s definitely bound to be a fun time for the whole family! Check back at The Buzz later this week for complete details, or visit for information.

These events are available at most Disney Stores nationwide, but be sure to call your local Disney Store to confirm participation and event scheduling beforehand. And take note that all in-store events are subject to change.


Last week was chalk full of fun events! Last Friday, I was very fortunate to attend an Animators Signing event at the Disney Studio Store on the Walt Disney Studio lot in Burbank, California. Legendary Disney Animators Mark Henn and Glen Keane were extremely gracious in offering their time to greet Cast Members and sign a range of products and items featuring the characters they were responsible for animating. 

I was the resident amateur photographer for the event, documenting the excitement of Cast Members as they met such iconic Disney animators. At the end of the signing I got the chance to meet Mark and Glen myself, and they were wonderful enough to sign a DVD cover for me! It was such an honor meeting these legendary men who have contributed so much to Disney animation, from Pocahontas to Rapunzel. I will definitely cherish my signed DVD and keep it in a very safe place! Take a look at photos from the action below.

Animators Signing Event

Some guests brought entire boxes of items to be signed by the legendary Disney Animators.

Guest with IPad

This Cast Member brought her iPad for Mark and Glen to sign! 

Animator Signing with Mark Henn and Glen Keane

Cast Members were thrilled to meet Mark Henn and Glen Keane!

Me with Mark and Glen!
I was beyond excited to have the chance to speak to both Mark and Glen!  And they signed a DVD cover for me!

15 days to go!


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