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Disney Villains Designer Collection Spotlight: Maleficent

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Aug 28, 2012 9:00 AM

In 1959’s Sleeping Beauty, Merryweather says “Maleficent doesn’t know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping others.” That may be true, but our Disney Villains Designer Collection Maleficent certainly knows a thing or two about fashion! From the tips of her signature horn-like hairstyle, all the way down to the hem of her fit and flair velvet skirt, Maleficent oozes high fashion. She even comes with a crystal ball staff with claw details! All she’s missing are her pet raven and her beastly minions, but maybe they’re off looking for some killer heels to match her outfit.

The Disney Villains Designer Collection Maleficent doll will be released in select Disney Stores (for more information click here) on September 10, and online at Disney on September 11.

Are you willing to fight your way through a forest of thorns to bring home the other items in the Disney Villains Designer Collection featuring Maleficent? Fortunately, you won’t have to. Ride your trusty steed over to the Disney Villains Designer Collection at and take a look at all the pieces with your favorite dark fairy. Just watch out for any spinning wheels along the way…

                Disney Villains Maleficent Journal Disney Villains Maleficent Tee Disney Villains Nail Polish Set Disney Villains Maleficent Mug

Disney Villains Designer Collection Spotlight: Cruella De Vil

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Aug 21, 2012 9:00 AM

The perfectly wretched Cruella De Vil’s fashion was one of the centerpieces of 1961’s 101 Dalmatians, so she fits like a red satin glove into the Disney Villains Designer Collection. From her luxe fur coat, to her sequin halter dress, to her signature hair style, the Disney Villains Designer Collection Cruella De Vil doll captures the glamorous wickedness that Cruella is known for. In this fabulous ensemble, we think she’s dressed more appropriately for a red carpet than a puppy heist.

The Disney Villains Designer Collection Cruella De Vil doll will be released in select Disney Stores (for more information click here) on October 15, and online at Disney on October 16.

If seeing our glamorous Cruella De Vil doesn’t make you want to see more of the Disney Villains Designer collection, no evil thing will. Be sure to check out all of the pieces featuring her in the Disney Villains Designer Collection at!

                        Cruella tee Cruella Scarf Cruella journal CruellaMug


Behind the Scenes with Steve Thompson: Spotlight on Disney Villains Designer Collection Dolls

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Aug 16, 2012 10:39 AM

Hey Buzz Readers! We recently sat down with one of Disney Store’s principal designers, Steven Thompson, to get the inside scoop behind one of the most anticipated collections of the summer, the Disney Villains Designer Collection! Steve shared some wickedly exciting design details with us during our Q&A and we just could not wait to share the villainous insider info with all our readers!



The Buzz: We hear you’re the principal artist behind the original Disney Villains Designer Collection artwork and also worked on the doll development. How long did the entire process take?

Steve: From the sketches to production of the actual dolls, it took about 18 months time. This is actually the typical time frame it takes for us to create a new doll or toy collection. Once I completed the designs I worked with fellow designer, Sang Plumlee, and we worked together to make the sketches come to life in doll form. 

The Buzz: Wow! Is that similar to the process you went through with the Disney Princess Designer Dolls? What makes the Villains’ design aesthetic different from the Princesses’?

Steve: The process is similar, but the inspiration I drew from for each of the collections is totally different. The Disney Villains Designer Collection designs are definitely inspired by modern fashion, more so than the Disney Princesses. With the Disney Princess Designer Collection, each of the dolls are inspired by retro fashion illustrations. With the Villains, I drew inspiration from modern art, architecture, theatrical stage costumes, pop culture and of course, from the Villain’s original Disney films.

With the Villains, the designs I created are less of a literal translation of the original characters and more inspired by the Disney Villains. I consider my interpretation of the Disney Villains dolls  in this collection, as fashion sketches come to life. I used everything from runway looks in magazines, to couture gowns on pop stars to find inspiration for each of the Villains artwork.



"I consider my interpretation of the  Disney Villains dolls in this collection as fashion sketches come to life"

 - Steve Thompson, on the Disney Villains Designer Collection dolls

The Buzz: We noticed the Disney Villains Designer Collection Dolls have beautifully detailed hair and make-up designs, what inspired these glamorous makeovers? 

Steve: I used a lot of different lifestyle photography and art as inspiration for the Villains’ hair and make-up. My goal was to make the Villains more fashionable, more glamorous than anyone has ever seen them before. As I flipped through fashion photos and look books, I found that some contemporary fashion statements reflect the Villains’ characters original looks! This really goes back to the characters from Disney films, because Disney Villains have always been ahead of their time when it comes to fashion, this is why this designer interpretation of the Villains makes so much sense to us. The Disney Villains Designer Collection truly makes a logical counterpart to the Disney Princess Designer Collection.

The Buzz:  We couldn’t help but notice, the dolls are so couture-inspired! Their dresses and accessories are beautifully embellished, with careful attention to every small detail. Can you speak to how the sketches inspired the fabrication of the dolls’ apparel and accessories?

Steve: If you look at the artwork, you can see how regal the Villains look. In the films, some of the Villains are real Queens. The royalty factor behind the Villains is what inspired the doll team to give each doll luxurious fabrics in their dresses with lavishly intricate beading and embroidery on their accessories. Many of the sketches’ design aesthetics were inspired by the design concept behind the original film the Villain character is from. For example, I created Maleficent with clean, angular lines, because that style is reminiscent of the film artistry. When I designed Maleficent, I also kept in mind that her character turns into a Dragon in the film.  This is why her dress is structured with leatherette fabrication, to imply the sense of leathery, lizard skin, like a dragon might have.

The Buzz: Thank you so much, Steven, for an inside peek into a designer’s point of view behind the Disney Villains Designer Collection! It sounds like the time and effort put into this line is what makes it so special and unique. We can't wait to get our hands on one of the dolls!

There you have it, Buzz Readers, a real insider’s perspective into this exciting new collection.  And if you have any other questions you’d like answered by Steven himself, tweet them to @DisneyStore with the hashtag #DVDC!

Be sure to stop by this Monday, August 20th, for the launch of the Disney Villains Designer Collection, and take advantage of your opportunity to pre-order the Disney Villains Designer dolls! Who’s your favorite Villain in the Collection? We personally LOVE the Queen of Hearts!




Disney Villains Designer Collection Announcement

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Aug 07, 2012 11:40 AM

To our valued Guests,

Limited to just 13,000 of each doll worldwide, the Disney Villains Designer Collection will be released one per week, in stores on Monday beginning September 10 and online on Tuesdays beginning September 11.

Because we anticipate a devilishly high demand for the Disney Villains Designer Collection dolls, each participating Disney Store location will select Guests at random who will be able to purchase a doll.

For further information about how this process will work as well as a complete list of participating stores, please click here


Inside the Disney Villains Designer Collection Artwork

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Jun 29, 2012 11:30 AM

Happy Friday, Buzz Readers! 

I have a very special inside look into the Disney Villains Designer Collection for you today! Principal Designer Steve Thompson is one of the main creative masterminds behind the stunning designs of the six villains in the new Designer Collection coming to Disney Store in early fall, and he has written about his inspiration for the fabulous artwork.

Steve Thompson’s career with The Walt Disney Company began at age 19. While attending CalArts, Disney Consumer Products offered him a job as a Senior Character Artist. He jumped at the opportunity and moved up in the company, eventually spending 10 years working for Disney Feature Animation and Disney Toon Studios as a Clean-up Artist and Character Designer. He currently works as a Principal Designer for Disney Store North America, where he has been since 2005.

Steve Thompson at Disney Store's Fahion Night Out Event in 2011 with the Disney Princess Designer Collection.

Check out this excerpt about the Disney Villains Designer Collection from Steve’s personal blog, where he posts awesome examples of his work and inspiration.

Something wicked this way comes…….  

So excited about finally being able to talk about these! It’s the second outing for myself and fellow designer Sang Plumlee for the Disney Store’s “Designer Collection” series, whom I was lucky enough to work with on the princess designer series as well.   

Six dolls in all, the villains were a whole different challenge than the princesses. The princesses were inspired by fashion illustrations from the 50’s and 60’s. The villains were inspired by something all together different. I wanted them to be more modern. So, I looked at art, architecture, texture, theatrical costumes and of course fashion by some of today’s more avant-garde designers. These villains are “inspired” by the film characters through a designer’s eye. We didn’t want to just take a doll and put it in a fancy dress. We wanted them to look like a fashion sketch come to life. I wanted to capture the essence and attitude of each character, but represent them in an unexpected way. For example, Maleficent in the film is very angular in design. So, I keep that same feeling with the structure of her dress. Also, since in the story she becomes a dragon, so we used a leather-like fabric and the lower half of her bodice looks like scales. Even the dresses are storytelling! There will be much more info to come, but for now I hope you like our new girls.

Be sure to follow Steve’s blog for more great inside information about his designs for Disney Store!

And as an added treat, take a look at another product from the Disney Villains Designer Collection—the absolutely exquisite ceramic mugs. With the claw foot base and serpent tail-like handle, these mugs are perfect for enjoying a delightfully delicious cup of tea, coffee, and hot chocolate!

Which one is your favorite?


More Evil Than Queen

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Jun 26, 2012 10:30 AM

Magic Mirror...

More Evil Than Queen

...she is more fair than thee.

Magic Mirror

Snow White!


Introducing the Villains Designer Collection at Disney Store

By Official Disney Store Blogger, Jun 25, 2012 2:50 PM

Designed and carefully crafted to capture the essence of evil at its best dressed, the Villains Designer Collection re-imagines the stylish wickedness of classic Disney Villains.  

Dvdc_logoIntroducing the Disney Villains Designer Collection dolls…

Maleficent  Cruella

Maleficent                                                         Cruella de Vil

Evilqueen  Queenofhearts

Evil Queen                                                     Queen of Hearts

Ursula  Mothergothel

Ursula                                                           Mother Gothel

Disney Store has beautifully crafted 13,000 of each of the six dolls, and every glamorous villain doll will come with a Certificate of Authenticity. Beginning in September, the dolls will be available in select stores in North America and Europe. These original “bad girls” of Disney will also be available online on,, and Each doll will be available for $79.50 US/$87.50 CAN/£50/€65.

 Can’t wait to get your hands on this fashionable villainy? An online-exclusive set including all six dolls will be available for pre-order on Monday, August 20th. This will be the only opportunity to guarantee a purchase of all six dolls. The entire set will be delivered on or shortly after Monday, October 15.

 Be sure to bookmark this post – any future updates on the dolls will be posted here!

 And keep watch for our complete Disney Villains Designer Collection coming soon, featuring delightfully chic beauty, apparel, and home products – everything you need to complete your “good girl gone glam” style.

 I picked out my top three favorite items to share exclusively with you, although it was difficult to choose only a few! The Designer Villains nail polish set, tote bag, and notebooks are absolutely divine. They are definitely at the top of my wish list!


Villians Journals
Want more photos of our glamorously villainous dolls as well as the entire Disney Villains Designer Collection? See them all on our official Pinterest Page:

The Disney Villains Designer Collection. Being bad has never looked so good.